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Promotional Lanyards and Card Holder

Promotional lanyard, Custom lanyard, Personalized lanyard

Promotional lanyards, customized printed lanyard  have become one of the most common and effective promotional items of our day Using lanyards in public places is a cost effective and powerful marketing tool that can get your logo, website or brand name highly visible on the cord it is a lightweight,inexpensive accessory clothing item that you can use to advertise your business product.

Lanyards are often given as a free gift of entry and can spread your colour and brand name throughout public events such as music concerts, conventions, tradeshows, sports events and at fundraising activities. They are even more common in corporate environments such as offices, schools or hospitals where lanyards are used to keep photographic ID cards. In corporate environments, lanyards are almost considered part of the uniform. To help personnel security to stay closely monitored, lanyards are a simple but extremely effective solution. Giving lanyards to your staff also means that your brand will be often spread by your employees when they go to and from work

Lanyards have a strong appreciation factor and are commonly kept as a memory and often used regularly following the event. They are easy and comfortable to wear and can come in a variety of lengths to suit the audience. As they are so cheap to produce they can be given away freely giving your promotional message a very wide reach. As custom branded lanyards provide promotion at eye level, they make an impact when people are having face to face communication and wouldn't otherwise see your brand on a bag held by their waist.

The versality, appealing and great branding ability make promotional lanyard best choices for your advertising compaigns.

Lanyards come in various sizes and colours, and there are several types of attachment devices such as dog clips, swivel clips, crocodile clips or a wide variety of badge and card holders. There is ample room on the flat side of the lanyard to imprint your company name, or a product name, logo, event details, or a text message. These can be used for at school events or given away at conferences or meetings. There are many items you can use for advertising, and custom printed lanyards are one of the new and popular gift selections you will want to consider when you plan your next advertising campaigns.

There are many material and printing options for the promotional lanyard. there are a massive range of unique and funky lanyard designs. Lanyards come in a wide variety of colours, widths, lengths, shapes and materials. Lanyards can be imprinted (custom branded) with your website event name, brand name or slogan catch phrase. Writing on a lanyard can be achieved through hot stamping, silk screening, woven-in or dye sublimination to achieve the final high quality finish. Your message can even be woven into the flat cord. They can be made from cord, nylon, polyester twill, nylon and many more materials.

Many neck promotional lanyards furnished nowadays include what are known as safety breaks. They’re little clip like fixings within the lanyard itself  and protect the neck from being pulled if the lanyard gets caught. Instead of tugging against the neck, the saftety break will detach themselves when enough pressure is applied. This extra safety procedure is often appreciated by lanyard users although not very commonly used.

Versatile giveaways are always appreciated by recipients and it's for this reason that everyone loves receiving promotional lanyards. These custom lanyards can be used to hold ID badges at the office. They can be given to college students to hold their keys. There is a wealth of opportunities, but the one place you can usually find all sorts of personalized lanyards is at conferences, trade shows and events. These venues are perfect places for trade show lanyards to be given out, since everyone will have badges they need to display. So make sure your logo is seen with our great selection of trade show lanyards. Pls contact us now for your request promotional lanyards,