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Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional Umbrellas,Golf Umbrellas,Logo Umbrellas,Imprinted Umbrellas

Promotional Umbrellas perfect for advertising or as a business/corporate gift.Almost every family have at least one umbrella at home.Rainy days can make your company’s message really shine! Promotional umbrellas are a very practical way to share your message. Choose the color scheme that best suits your company, and the size or style of umbrella your recipients would most enjoy. Promotional umbrellas are a very welcome corporate gift!In the stands at the ball game, custom imprinted umbrellas will let the other fans see your company’s logo. Use custom umbrellas as fundraisers to project your team spirit. If your bsiness has an outdoor element where staff and visitors will be exposed to all weathers,then custom-branded promotional umbrellas are the extra touch that builds strong,consistent brands.


A range of umbrellas and parasols

Umbrellas available  in a range of styles. Types and colours which give you plenty of branding options, It generally have below four basic types of promotional umbrellas:

1. Classic working umbrellas

2. Convenient and portable telescopic umbrellas

3. Sports style Golf umbrellas

4. Parasols umbrellas

Whether you want the classic styling of a walking umbrella, the convenience of telescopic umbrella or a sporty golf umbrella. There is a promotional umbrella to suit all kinds of tastes.

Promotional Golf Umbrellas

Promotional golf umbrellas tend to be larger and are often metal-free to reduce the risk of lightning strikes. Whether you are golfing with friends or potential clients, an imprinted golf umbrella adds polish and helps you make the most of rainy day play.

Looking for a cost effective product to promote your company, product or special event, golf umbrellas should be on the top of your list. Golf umbrellas are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, shapes and price ranges. They offer the largest imprint area for any promotional product. Company logo's and promotional messages can be imprinted in multiple colors on up to eight panels. Using an everyday item which can travel with you exposes your product and message to the general public. The golf umbrella effectively becomes a walking billboard.

Why umbrellas are the perfect marketing items for your brand

From the wide range of imprinted gifts and products available, perhaps none have quite the life span of a promotional umbrellas. High quality, practical umbrellas are generally appreciated by every recipient and used on a frequent basis. Custom printed umbrellas are highly popular in the promotional  market, these products are often kept in the boot of the car or at work for ease and added convenience.

The majority of golf umbrellas feature a large 30" canopy, which makes for a fantastic advertising area for your company. With ever-increasing options including fabric colours, printing styles and whole-canopy printing rather than just individual panel printing, promotional umbrellas are the type of blank canvass that normally only a hefty advertising or marketing budget can buy.

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