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 Wholesale promotional tote bags are a large and often unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch.Tote bags are widely used in our daily lives,such as when we not compulsory for pretty ladies to carry huge jazzy bag , it does not go with their attire , don't want to carry such big handbag.most of time we just want to carry a tote bag as we go for window shopping or just to chill out , or may be a casual meeting with a friend etc.The great design for the tote bag make it convenient to everyone who use it. For example ,the pockets are very important in bags in tote bags there are enough inner columns for one to keep their things easily so that one can find easily what they want and whenever need it. Nobody wants to go for something which makes their life more complicated.promotional tote bags with imprinted logo can show your massage of your company every moment people use it.tote bag with newest design will bring great effect to your promotion and advertising.Custom promotional gifts