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 Wholesale promotional coolers are made to maintain a cold food temperature. When traveling with foods.Coolers bags as promotional giveaway are extremely useful and can be used for many events and occasions which are handy when traveling by car and they are an indispensable items for going on a picnic or a camping trip,sport event etc.Customized cooler bags come in nice design and stylesso that it is easy to find the right one of advertising needs.Different types of coolers that are available to be customized with different sizes to fit any need.They are very small for a single lunch or can be big enough that you need a truck to haul them around. Some have wheels which is very helpful. Some even look like purses or tote bags and they all come in a great variety of colors. Branding with cooler bags would be great as the printed logo bags will be take out and show in the public which will get your business noticed.