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Reflective clothes called High-visibility clothing either,it is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE),which worn that has highly reflective properties or a colour that is easily discernible from any background. Yellow waistcoats worn by emergency services are a common example. For greater visibility during the daytime, very bright colours are used for the main body of the garment by means of fluorescent material.The Reflective clothes garment may have stripes which is retroreflective on part of the surface. Through this way this clothes become much more visible in the dark for observers near a light source and to distinguish between objects and people. For instance ,the driver of a car with its headlights on. Area reflective fabric has proven to be the most effective way of outlining the body, so that drivers can distinguish a human shape at night. Reflective clothes are widely used for pedestrians, workers, cyclists, motorcyclists, hunters and hikers.In general, people who wear high-visibility clothing are those who need to be seen during poor lighting or weather conditions, or when working in environments where there is a lot of moving machinery. Best Quality Reflactive clothes are getting more and more popular as marketing products. Promotional products China have launch some nice style of Reflective clothes.Different style of wholesale reflective clothes comes can be customized with different discernible color and imprinted your branding logo on it.