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 Promotional bicycle seat cover with Lovingly designed bring you environmental life. One of the most popular style bicycle seat cover is made for PVC.the water-proof PVC material,it can protect your bike seat from rain.Wholesale promotional bike seat covers with branding logo will raise brand awareness on the street and deliver fantastic promotional and retail products – perfect for businesses gifts, charitable organizations and cyclists around the world. Whether chained up in a city centre, outside a place of work or station, the trusty bike saddle offers our clients the perfect marketing opportunity. OnYerBikeSeat’s branded bike seat covers transform bicycle saddles into visually engaging advertising space – certain to deliver cut-through with target audiences in high traffic areas within cities. Providing cyclists with a simple to use, functional water resistent bike seat cover.This bicycle seat cover is equipted with a high-grade elastic cord allowing it to fit snugly on any bike seat, while remaining easy to put on and remove which is simple but essential corporate gifts.