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Imprinted Promotional Name Card Holder generally are wonderful handy products used by your target market which act as constant promotional advertising for your company. Also known as Advertising Specialties, Imprinted Promotional Name Card Holder are items that have been imprinted with your company or organization's name, logo, phone number, and perhaps a catchy phrase.Keeup is pleased to bring you fast-turnaround, top quality, light-up promotional Name Card Holder.Customized Name Card Holder with imprinting logo are perfect marketing giveaway products which widely used in the office,travel etc. There isn’t a more cost effective form of advertising than with promotional Name Card Holder also known as advertising specialties. Promotional Name Card Holder are affordable and easy to distribute to your targeted prospects and customers. Advertising through promotional Name Card Holder gives you complete control over your brand identity. Promotional Name Card Holder are useful or unique items that can be imprinted with your logo and designed to keep your message in front of your customers and prospects for extended periods of time.