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Wonderful Marketing products Flashing Stirrers( cocktail muddler) create romantic feeling for you.Acrylic LED flashing stirrers can be turned to open with changeable battery.LED lights of various colors keep flashing continuously. Simply turn on your sound responsive LED Drink Stirrers and place in your drink,then put your drink near a musical source and watch as the LEDs pulse to the beat, bringing your drink to life! wholesale promotional stirrers top quality suitable for dance parties and logo promotional and advertising purposes. Flashing Stirrers imprinted with your corporate logo or your company message creates a Promotional Product that reminds your customer of your company every time the item is used.It popular and widly used in bar,house which will bring romantic happy feelling for the person who use it.Keeup promotional flashing stirrers supplier china have focus on offering the quality and best serves for our clients.