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 Wholesale promotional colorful bottle opener also works great opening soda pop cans. they always come in handy when you least expect it. When someone needs to open up a bottle and they go for their keychain, they're going to be thankful you gave them such an opener. Lightweight construction makes an ideal surface to permanently engrave your message. Hundreds or thousands of unique bottle openers have aivenaway to the customers.These promotional devices are actually more common than you might think, and you may also be surprised to find out how many different bottle opener designs there are to choose from. one idea would be to give away a Corporate Giveaways bottle opener. Even better is if that bottle opener is also a keyring. They're attractive and don't look cheap. Bottle opener keyrings for sale are easy to get your hands on because they can be small and their shape is perfect for a keychain. Since your company name is printed on it, it'll never be forgotten and your name will be highly regarded by those who were in need of a bottle opener