Wholesale Advertising baseball cap

Advertising baseball cap is a novel advertising carrier for custom wholesale promotional gifts. It has high mobility, bright colors and good vision effect. Can be designed with personalized with your own logo silk screen printing or embroidered on. Besides, it is beautiful and durable, low price and high quality which makes it a important form of enterprise advertising and as promotional gifts.


Wholesale custom baseball cap as advertising promotional gifts:

  1. high mobility: where there is custom advertising baseball cap, there is advertising.
  2. low price and high quality: investment cost for advertising is low, production time is short, deep advertising impression on consumers.advertising-baseball-cap
  3. A wide range of application: personalized advertising baseball cap can be used to as shelter from wind and sun, it is suitable for everyone.wholesale-cap
  4. Long advertising time: the wholesale advertising baseball cap has long service time, so has long term for advertisment and it’s a reliable and cost-effective advertising way.
  5. Personalized design available: can be imprint with your design and logo on the advertising baseball cap, logo position can be front, side, back. The fidelity image will never fade. It’s your best choose for promotion gifts to friends and for advertising.custom-baseball-cap

Wholesale custom non woven shopping bag

Non woven shopping bag is a environmental friendly product with attractive appearance, it’s tough and durable, breathable and reusable. With custom logo printing, it’s the best as promotional gifts for any company and industry.10-10-55

Economic effect: wholesale promotional item non woven shopping bag has the characteristics of repeated use, which plastic bag has not. Moreover, compared with plastic bag, the non woven shopping bag is more easy to print customized logo for advertising and has more vivid color.

Practicability: In order to save cost, the traditional plastic shopping bag is always made by thin and easy damaged material. The non woven bag solved this problem, it’s durable and abrasion resistance. If coated with film, it becomes a custom lamination non woven shopping bag, which will be more durable, smooth to touch and waterproof at the same time. Though cost is higher than plastic bag, its service life is much longer than plastic shopping bag

Advertising and promotion: An elegant wholesale customzied non woven shopping bag is not just a bag, it’s a movable advertisement board. Think about how your client excited when putting their goods in this beautiful shopping bag. Second, with careful design of logo printing and waterproof ability, it will sure the first choose when people going out shopping, then the advertising effect is self-evident.

Paper Shopping Bags-Best Choice For Promotion Brand

There are manufacturers that concentrate on creating your own shopping bag design. You can look for a wide variety of high quality, stylish, and beautiful specialty bags for any purpose. They are available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. Therefore, you can have more options to choose from. The paper bags are tailored to store and pack different items like food, accessories. Such a bag can lead to many benefits like durability and reusability as well as life cycle costs. You can select from frosted plastic to paper with die cut. You should select the one that best fits your style.


The custom paper bags are customized to pack different things like food, fruits and other items. They are beneficial for the trade show or conference giveaways, gift bags. Additionally, they can be used for retail or restaurant industries. They are a creative, professional way to hold all that stuff. They are considered as an absolute must for any brick and mortar retailer. They come in a full array of trendy styles, colors, and sizes, so that you can have more options to choose from. It is convenient to carry different things anywhere. The paper bags can be made into different unique textures, styles, shapes and colors.

Most companies come to realize the importance of using the custom paper bags to build and promote your business. You can pick a high-quality bag that will help to build your brand’s image and boost visibility. They are strong and Eco-friendly, so that you can order the bags. They are a great solution to attract customers and impress business associates. The paper boxes can be customized with your company name and logo to recognize them for their outstanding service. Therefore, they can introduce your brand, company and products.


Generally, the paper boxes wholesale will make sure the needs and desires of your clients and business associates. The custom paper bags are a fashion and status symbol in today’s market. Most companies pay attention to picking attractive paper bags that advertise the company’s brand. They can be used for your coffee, tea, snacks, nuts, cookies, candy and spices. You are able to add a professional appeal that consumers love and appreciate. Most manufacturers are willing to promote their business. They are an affordable way to gain added exposure at your upcoming event. They are designed to give your brand or logo maximum exposure.

When choosing the custom paper bags, it is important to turn to a company that specializes in designing and producing different paper bags. When you are looking for a functional and attention-grabbing way to gain company exposure, the bags can help meet your needs. You can run your business in an organized, logical, and properly managed fashion. These bags can be made from high-quality materials and are designed to last. This kind of the bags can offer the perfect solution to all of your marketing and outreach needs. They are a great solution to store your spice items in confidence. Therefore, you can make more profits.

Keeup is the professional company specializes in supplying an extensive assortment of paper bags with a variety of options. There are many benefits of you custom printed paper bags from us. Firstly, you needn’t worry that they are leaving in your products when taking. You can choose from a wide array of quality cellophane bags, reusable bags, fabric bags, and gourmet food bags. They are available in color like green, blue, white and black. In a word, they can help attract more customers and giving the best service for your customers. Secondly, we can make you wholesale promotional products China easily. We are intimately familiar with the Chinese market. we could be your reliable source for custom made products in China.

How To Make Full Use Of Promotional Items In Commercial Promotion

Advertising has become not only part of the daily operation of company but also the crowds’ daily life, whether you like it or not. It seems that advertisement appear wherever you been. And there are so many sort of advertisement , television , bus , magazine,social media,even the clothes that people wear, it seems very hard to prevent.


Besides still more traditional forms of advertising, such as Promotional Items – are still going strong. Whilst many people may have assumed that this form of advertising and marketing was dead in the water – the opposite is, in fact, true as promotional products are still an incredibly powerful marketing tool.


Promotional items allow people to see your brand, associate your brand and recognize your brand. All these things are important as the more people who become aware of your brand – the better results you will see in business and sales.


Well, a lot of the time it depends what your business actually is and what your budget is too. Both these things are likely to influence the type of promotional items you opt for. In general though, most companies tend to opt for things such as:


Stationary: notepads, pens, pencils, rulers, erasers


Bags: could include purses


Business items: business card holder, address book, laptop sleeve


Desk Accessories: Mugs, Glass, Calendars


Clothing: T-shirts, caps, hats, socks, gloves, sweat bands


Whilst these are the most common items – you really can be inventive with this. In fact, it is often the more inventive choices for promotional items that are the most successful.


Keep in mind the niche you’re hoping to target though too. For example; t-shirts, caps and running waist bags are often great if you’re a fitness brand or a gym. Desk supplies and stationary usually work better if you’re targeting businesses or corporate niches. Try not to make the item “over branded” too – a product that is subtle and will actively be used will be much more effective.


Perhaps you’re looking to catch the eye of a potential client or customer? In which case – sending them a free gift (in the form of a promotional product) is a great idea, as they’re more likely to pay attention to your business and brand if you’ve made the effort to send them something. Another occasion you could distribute them is during a trade show, an open day, or just out in public? You’d be surprised at how much attention “free stuff” will earn you and how people’s curiosity will be roused. Have people form a queue around your distributors and watch the curiosity build, and your brand’s reputation too with these trade show giveaways.


There are many outlets out there that stock and personalize cheap promotional items that you can then distribute. A great idea for small businesses (with small budgets) is to trial a few items first – this way you see which are most successful and which get the best return on investment.


When executed properly a promotional item marketing strategy can be hugely successful and very rewarding, both for sales and revenue, and the brand’s awareness and reputation. So don’t rush into it, consider your option and find the perfect item.



Why Choose Tote Bags As Promotional Items?

More than ever before, it is essential for companies to implement different marketing tactics in to their marketing mix, in order to remain competitive and differentiate themselves from the competition. Promotional products are an excellent way to promote your brand and get noticed. They are memorable, help to develop a relationship with clients and leave them with a lasting impression of your brand.%e6%97%a0%e6%a0%87%e9%a2%98-2%e5%89%af%e6%9c%acHowever, today effective brand promotion will be possible only if you give out something that is useful and unique. This is where the tote bags excel in. The non woven grocery tote bags are perfect companions for the people who head of for shopping. In fact these non woven grocery totes bags are indispensable objects when it comes to shopping. This is one of the reason that makes the totes bags very popular in brand promotion. The other reasons behind the huge popularity of the tote bags are:


Use Of The Eco-Friendly Materials


The totes bags are one of the materials which can be made from the eco-friendly materials. Unlike the other promotional items which will be made from a combination of both eco-friendly and non-biodegradable materials, the tote bags are the only promotional items which can be made entirely from green materials such as cotton. Because of the use of the eco-friendly materials, these totes bags will build great reputation to the brand that is being promoted.


Social Utility Item


Unlike the promotional calendars and other indoor promotional items, the totes bags are meant to be used in the society where people gather in huge numbers. For example, the non woven grocery tote bag will be used in the most crowded areas such as the shopping malls, grocery stores etc. This will help you to pass your brand identity to a huge crowd within a very short period of time.


Cheap Pricing


These promotional tote bag come with very light price tags. Very low budget marketing strategies can be executed with the help of these tote bag. The marketing costs when compared to the business brought in through these promotional totes bags will reveal that the tote bag are the best cost effective promotional items.


The Fast Becoming Fashion Trend


Surveys indicate that the women like to carry unique promotional tote bag as fashion accessories. If the design and appearance of your promotional tote bags are very unique, your women clients will carry your tote bags whenever they head out for shopping. This entirely depends upon the customization of the tote bags.


If you want to get the best quality promotional tote bags which are Eco-friendly as well as attractive then you can team up with the Keeup. These bags are available in different types of colors, designs and sizes so that you can get the best one according to your requirement. We are dedicated towards both environment and customers, and that is why we manufacture bags by using high quality recycled material that will not cause any damage to environment and to their customers. Besides we can offer you various kinds cheap China promotional gifts for your brand promotion.



Six Types Of Promotional Bags Ideal For Your Brand Building

Promotional bags are ideal promotional items for business to promote their brand.There are various species of promotional bags that can be modeled in different ways to make a nice appeal. These bags can be used as gifts for promotion items so that they capture the desire and interest of customers.

Expand brand influence and attracting customers to your business is the most important thing that any business owner can do. If you are not constantly looking for ways to drive potential customers to your business you are not going to survive very long.

If you are looking to expand your customer base you should check out promotional items that you can personalize with your logo design. If you have locations in other cities you can offer these products on your website. If you are a small local business hoping to expand one day your best bet is to attend as many trade shows as you can.

One of the best promotional tools you can purchase is a bag that people will use on a regular basis. Every time someone sees this bag the money you spent on promotional items will pay off ten times over. Getting the right bag to suit your clientele is key. When you select the best bag for your customers they will use it every chance they get. Here are some choices for you to consider:

Non-woven Bags – these non-woven shopping bags are great for hauling all of your purchases home from the store. There’s nothing like a bag full of goodies to attract some attention.


Drawstring Bags – this type of bag best suits the outdoor sporty type or students who need a way to haul their books and homework.


Tote Bags – a simple cotton or canvas tote bag will suit just about any group of people – men, women, and children. Totes can be used to transport toys and snacks for kids, books for college students, and trade-show materials when attending an event.


Cotton and Canvas Bags– these are good for anyone who works out on a regular basis. A custom cotton bag is the perfect thing to throw in a change of clothes and some toiletry items.


Coolers – you can’t go wrong when you put your logo on a cooler. Just about everyone goes on a picnic in the park or enjoys a day at the beach.


Plastic bags – these are probably the least expensive promotional products you can buy. They are best used at trade-shows where attendees pick up all types of brochures, business cards, and company info as they make their way around the show.


Keeup is a professional promotional items manufacturer in China. We are your one-stop-shop for all your promotional business products and business promotional items needs.We can manufacture logo imprinted promotional products according to your request, printing custom logo and shipping to worldwide Before you start with marketing campaign I recommend you get some advise from our salesman.

Choose The Right Promotional Shopping Bags For Your Customer

Everyone needs to make contribution to the environmental protection, and utilizing one of the bunches of reusable shopping bags that are available appears like an easy decision. Yet, with all the decisions out there, we regularly pondered: Does the right bag only come down to an expressive inclination? Then again is one material better than another? So we’ve conversed with specialists and set up together a purchasing manual for help you locate the privilege reusable shopping bag for your way of life. You can utilize them for a considerable length of time to come, they’ll keep your nourishment fresher and you won’t miss those dispensable plastic and paper bags one bit. Check out the reusable shopping bags.


Pick a Style; you can discover reusable shopping bags in a wide range of shapes and sizes, yet those with comparative measurements. On the other hand, numerous organizations make bags that can overlay up little so you can stash them in your satchel or pocket. Additionally, you may need to consider the handle length when you pick a bag. While some are long so you can convey it behind you, others have short handles and are conveyed like a conventional basic supply bag. Different elements, similar to protection and inside pockets for your wallet and PDA are likewise accessible.


Pick the material, in the event that your reusable bags are produced using a tough material, you ought to have the capacity to utilize them for a considerable length of time. Alternately, cotton and canvas bags have about the same Eco-foot shaped impression as developing and gathering cotton plants and they are washable and biodegradable. Polyester and engineered reusable bags, which are the most well-known he clarified, are gotten from characteristic gas or oil and are not biodegradable. In spite of the fact that this is a plastic, she’s OK with putting resources into them on the grounds that she won’t be discarding them at any point in the near future.


Primary concern: 100% cotton or canvas bags are breathable and overlay little, yet they won’t stand up by and by. We propose putting resources into a well-made engineered bag, and clutching it for quite a long time to come.


Promotional shopping bags have turn into a frill for way of life; every bag characterizes ones style and identity. Every sort of promotional shopping bag favors distinctive outfit and event to run with. Individuals think about having as a gathering of shopping bags to oblige their distinctive outfits and put forth a restrictive style expression every time they venture out like shopping, clubbing, easygoing excursions, office, and so on. Shopping bags may have distinctive sorts of embellishments, trimmings, enumerating, and so forth according to their prerequisite to improve the visual claim and compliment the look you wish to speak to.


Wholesale cheap promotional items from us in China will be your best choice. Our bags are superior in terms of quality when it comes to durability and usage.

Tips on Wholesale Promotional Reusable Shopping Bags Online

Are you an environment conscious consumers and finding durable, reusable shopping bags which has minimal effect on the environment with premium quality for packaging your products? We all like to do our part to help ensure nature, so utilizing one of the bunches of reusable shopping bags that are available appears like an easy decision.The versions come up in long way and introduced a new trend in the market. They are often observed as the most stylish and convenient option as well as good for the environment.


Feel the difference with reusable grocery totes:


Use of plastic totes creates serious environmental concerns to include in both short and long term to marine ecosystems, global resource consumption, and solid waste management. The lifestyle brings up a switch to a minimum number of times. Use a polyethylene totes more than four times or more than 11 times, whereas cotton totes must be used more than 131 times to become better for the environment than polyethylene totes.


The reusable grocery totes are functional for a multitude of other purposes. The totes can be up cycle to hold or organize the countertop food items.


Choose a style to suit your taste:


A different style of reusable grocery tote makes them to invent their own significance. Prefer on a different ready-made tote, to suit the every type of personal brand. The flat bottoms are easy to pack or to handle on over the shorter handles that resemble the handles on traditional plastic tote. The other styles manage to function on the varied things.


Choosing the stylish material for the correct theme:


Construct on the basis of biodegradable or recycled materials that carries the food several times over in the same tote. Use a washable tote that opts for the durable material. Hand knit tote comes with the most of the environmental impact owing to the consumption in creating the tote.


One of the material choices cotton and canvas has combined with the same Eco-print as growing and harvesting cotton plants. Each type of material has its own pros and cons discussed below:




  • Can be expensive
  • Not as much structure to totes
  • Easily cleaned and durable
  • Less environmental impact
  • Biodegradable




  • Durable
  • Easily cleaned
  • Biodegradable
  • Less environmental impact
  • Stands upright with cotton




  • Gets the environmental impact for the period of time
  • Very sturdy, very easy to clean and wipe off
  • Plastic yet biodegradable


Polyester and synthetic:


  • Easy to clean
  • Derived from natural gas and oils
  • Affordable
  • Not biodegradable


Look into different types of reusable totes:


Jute bags:


  • Most versatile totes represented for its catchy and trendy designs and styles
  • Sustainable and biodegradable as well
  • Carry books, magazines and other supplies
  • Washed using several times over


Canvas tote bags:


  • Lightweight, washable, multipurpose
  • Available in various sizes used for storing grains, dried beans, nuts
  • Made using natural, unbleached cotton


Polypropylene and polyethylene bags:


  • Forms of plastic
  • Can easily wear out
  • Use recyclable materials produced in a cost effective manner


String grocery bags:


  • Available in several bright colors
  • Fits snugly inside a handy tote
  • Functional, hold up to 10 to 12 kgs of groceries
  • Strong, compact and lightweight


Custom shopping bags from Keeup are made available in different type to carry your groceries and other belongings. Check on the list to find the most fascinating options at reasonable prices. They are obtained in different trends and lifestyle. Furthermore, we can offer you more choices on logo imprinted promotional products with premium quality from China.

Custom Printed Paper Bags As Promotional Giveaways

Using promotional products in your marketing campaign is an incredibly powerful way to draw attention to your company. This simple yet effective marketing tool has the capacity to boost the opinion people have of your brand. Promotional products will bring you what digital campaign could not: a real, physical contact with people. By giving a potential client or a customer promotional product which has your company’s logo clearly written on it, you are giving them a real, physical object which will engage them with you. Also, people will think highly of you and your company if they get the impression that you have taken some time and effort to send them free and useful gift.


The printed paper bags are a great way to promote your brand and raise your company profile on the international market. When you are going shopping, you have to pack the things with the paper bags. There is a range of large and small bags available at wholesale prices from the online store. The bags printed with your branding can help introduce your company and brand. They are tailored to highlight your brand, company or special occasion. They are available in an assortment of colors and themes, so that you can pick the best one that is right for your needs.


When it comes to choosing the printed paper bags, it is important to turn to a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing all sorts of bags. Having so many options in your mind, it is imperative to consider picking an appropriate size and shape. However, the decision you make should be based on what your shop or business actually sells. Furthermore, it is important to know what is the product you will be placing in these bags. If you shop something without bags, you will find that it is difficult to take them. Maybe, you will leave something when taking.


The personalized printed paper bags can be tailored with different designs and colors. You can add your company name and brand, which is a great advertisement to promote your company. These bags are perfect for conferences, giveaways. Actually, these bags are cost effective, so that you can spend less money on them. They can offer a great sense of quality to your product or brand. They are stylish and useful. And you can use them for many times. They can be used to pack a piece of jewellery, cosmetics, or an item of clothing. They are a fast and easy alternative to in-store gift wrapping.


Cheap printed paper bags can be the perfect item for you to buy for yourself or use for your business. We, the Keeup Company is a professional promotional products and custom made products manufacturer in China. We are your one-stop-shop for all your promotional business products and business promotional items needs. We can manufacture logo imprinted promotional products from China according to your request, printing custom logo and shipping to worldwide. If you are in the market for drawstring bags you should head over to Keeup to see the different drawstring bags and other bags that are available to you at great prices.




To Make Further Development of Your Business With Our Promotion Gift

It can be easy to start a small business, as there are opportunities to fit almost every budget and skill. It is often harder, however, to run a small business successfully. Running a successful small business often starts with the planning stage when you are deciding what you will sell and where you will locate your company. It doesn’t stop there, however, as everything from your choice of employees to your accounting practices may influence your potential for success.


Advertise your business. You will not experience success if no one knows your business exists. Fliers, brochures, business cards and newspaper ads are good ways to advertise on a budget. You may also find affordable options in radio and cable television advertising. In addition, you may promote your business with our promotional gifts.


We ,the Keeup company is a professional promotional products and custom made products manufacturer in China. We are your one-stop-shop for all your wholesale promotional products China needs. We can manufacture products according to customers request, printing custom logo and shipping to worldwide.


Keeup supply a superb range of promotional gifts, promotional items, business incentives and advertising items.. A large range of promotional pens, diaries, coasters, calendars and key rings are available to carry your message in your next campaign. If you do not see the items you are looking for on the web site, we offer a free sourcing service for those more elusive items.