Non Woven Bags Will Be Your Best Choice

As the world ages and we use up more of our precious and most valuable resources, it is becoming virtually impossible for you avoid using some of the necessities. Even though you may feel that you can’t go without certain things, you can use some alternatives that will make your task much easier to do, while promoting a more eco-friendly persona and saving the earth.


One of the major problems in our environment these days is the growing amount of waste materials that overcrowds landfills, blocks drains, contaminates oceans, and endangers natural and sea life. The majority of those contaminants are plastic and paper bags. Efforts to overturn the damage are now being made by environmentally-conscious retailers. Instead of issuing plastic bags as was the norm, they now persuade their customers to shop using reusable bags. Although it may seem a little inconvenient, in the beginning, many consumers assent to the new practice as they realise the wisdom of decreasing the use of plastic bags. Instead of the usual disposable bags, both establishments and consumers prefer to use far superior alternatives, such as non-woven bags.


The popularity of non-woven shopping bags has increased recently when many industries started to discourage the use of disposable bags, though they aren’t exactly a novel concept. customers prefer to use these environmentally friendly bags as businesses promote them. But what exactly are they and why are they said to be better alternatives to standard shopping bags?


They’re made from polypropylene (PP), a plastic polymer which a chemical composition of C3H6. They’re generally produced from recycled materials and are fully recyclable. Unlike ordinary plastics and papers, these bags are washable, long-lasting, and can be used again and again. It’s true that both plastic and paper bags are reusable as well, but only around three to four times before they give in totally.


These bags are great marketing tools as well because they are easily printed on. Their material’s high melting point gives non-woven bags an ink printable quality, offering heat to melt the ink and allow it to be passed on effortlessly to the fabric. That’s why many businesses prefer to wholesale these cheap promotional items to give out.

Four Strategies To Help You Choose Promotional Gifts

The promotional gift is a carrier of emotional expression between enterprises and consumers. In order to build a bridge between consumers, enterprises will invest more energy in the promotion of the purchase and use of gifts. Compared to the high price of advertising media, and even keep up the trend, promotional gifts low cost, good effect, quick effect, promotional effect and easy to calculate, is one of the most cost-effective promotional measures. Increasing demand for advertising promotional gifts has become an inevitable trend.


Affect a large number of consumers. In today’s numerous advertising campaigns, promotional gifts play an increasingly important role. Although the majority of consumers are fond of promotional gifts, but really achieve the desired promotional effect, it is not easy for business owners. The four strategy is the use of promotional gifts success factors:


First, correlation


The selection of promotional items and terms must be closely related to the promotion of products or services. Also, send calendars, pictures can be used local scenery or the city star photos: if giving preferential products to new customers, can choose local products of household products. Such promotional items help to strengthen the company’s positioning and image in the minds of consumers.


Second, repeatability


Only by allowing consumers to constantly see promotional items and the words contained in the ads, in order to deepen the impression. Therefore, the choice of promotional items should take into account how consumers will use them. The higher the frequency of use or contact, the greater the repetition. For example,the non-woven shopping bag.


Third, profitable


As a result of promotional items or free or cheap to sell, the customer will always feel a reward. But as for customer characteristics selected the most suitable products, so customers can strengthen the sense of benefit. In this sense, the benefits given to housewives should be different from those given to the buyer.




The functional enterprises in the selection of promotional gifts can not be the blind pursuit of high-grade or beautiful but also targeted, but also to highlight the functionality of the gift. For example, if the face is ordinary people, it is necessary to highlight the practicality, so that customers can really feel the additional benefits, or can bring more practical use so that customers will be more attractive.


In short, logo imprinted promotional products has become an important part of today’s advertising public relations campaign. Now many enterprises have begun to attach great importance to the role of promotional gifts. For business owners, the problem is not only whether or not to use, but also how to use promotional items in order to achieve the multiplier effect.

Why Not Choose Wholesale Promotional Non Woven Bags For Your Next Campaign

Choose appropriate promotional items for a promotional campaign is very important. There are several aspects you need to pay attention to. The promotional product you choose should be useful so that it will be utilised by the one who receives it. And it is equally important that your item is relative to the type of business that you run, For example, water bottles are great promotional items for gyms or sporting stores. Ensure that your items do their job well, otherwise, our advertising efforts will be useless. Wholesale promotional non woven bags for promotional campaign will be an excellent option.


Increase and optimize your exposure while building Eco-friendly brand image with our diverse collection of fully customize non-woven bags. Each non-woven bag is constructed with reusable and 100% recyclable polypropylene plastic and manufactured with minimal greenhouse gas emission, reducing pollution and landfill waste. Work directly with a dedicated in-house expert to build an exclusive design that captures your brand and campaign message with each aesthetic detail.


Non-woven bag is a new product to replace the white waste. With the increasing in new energy, the relevant departments to promote environmental protection energy conservation, and environmental pollution is growing. In order to get rid of this white pollution and make our lives better, many environmentally conscious people prefer to the new product – non-woven bags, and its advantages are known to all.


Non-woven bags are environmentally friendly products, which is mainly for shopping, packaging, advertising, electronics, clothing, decoration and other products. The biggest characteristic of non-woven fabrics is the natural degradation time is far lower than the plastic bag, so non-woven bags are also considered the most economical green shopping bags.


Involving your customer with a creative and Eco-friendly promotional items which is as useful as appealing. Your customers will appreciate your efforts of Eco-responsibility, sparking an increase of word-of-mouth advertising as they travel with your custom non-woven bags to school, work, the gym, beach trips, picnics and so much more. Showcase your Eco-friendly brand on the graphic imprint areas for optimized exposure, brand recognition and secured customer loyalty.


It is advisable to custom non woven bags from us and imprinted your logo on it. You can easily wholesale non woven bags at very affordable prices on the internet. It would be considerably to wholesale promotional items from us since we are professional promotional products and custom made products manufacturer in China.


How To Choose a Creative Corporate Gift

When it comes to giving promotional items as a corporate gift, it’s important to keep them creative and artistic.


J.S. Rangi, the founder of Monsoon Corporate Business Gifts Montreal, Canada, offered some of the following tips for event planners and others who are searching for creative corporate business gifts that will really make an impression.


1.Give Business Gifts that People Will Use


A non-woven tote bag, an umbrella, a scarf, a blanket…these are all everyday items that people use regularly and generally cannot get enough of. Make these everyday items beautiful and they will be much more appreciated as a business that is more of the same. While a less practical item like an ornate vase may seem like a more standout gift, it is more likely to sit forgotten at the back of a cupboard.


2.Imprint Designs and Themes Relevant to the Event


When you’re looking for gifts to give to the guests at your corporate event, you should be looking for gift options that you can customise with the company’s logo, the event name, or even the something symbolic of the overarching theme of the event.


The key is to get a design that accomplishes that goal without being overly promotional. Designs with relevant logos, paintings, or symbols are a great way to evoke a concept without spelling it out. A corporate business gift design for a lawyer’s association, for instance, might feature justice scales.


3.Balance Corporate Gifts with Originality and Taste


When it comes to creative corporate gifts, it is important to be original, but the design should also appeal to a wide audience of people. It is best to get something that is not too unusual, but still unique. For example, if you were to choose a wild art deco style print for a blanket, it is likely not to might not match with everyone’s décor. That said, you don’t have to be too safe. Stay away from too much black, brown, and grey. Don’t be afraid of a little colour.


4.Offer Different Variations


Feature the gift in different prints or colours, for instance, so that guests can specify their preference for a particular colour or design.


5.Corporate Gift Ideas for All Budgets


In the end, your creativity in choosing for designing a creative corporate gift will always be limited by the number of event guests you are planning for and your event budget. Before starting your gift search, be sure that you know the quantity you need of each type of gift and the total budget you’re working with. Here are some China promotional gifts ideas that can fit every budget.


The Principle Of Non-woven Bag

Non- woven fabric is made of polymer, short fibre or filament through a variety of fibre network forming method and consolidation technology to form a new type of fibre products with soft, breathable and flat structure. Non woven bag advantages compared with the traditional plastic bags: non-woven bag cheap, environmentally friendly and practical, widely used, with prominent advertising position. It is suitable for all kinds of business activities and exhibitions and fairs. It is an ideal advertising promotion gift for enterprises and institutions


Non-woven bags of raw materials are polypropylene, and plastic bags of raw materials are polyethene, although the name of the two substances is similar, but the difference in the chemical structure is far. The chemical molecular structure of polyethylene has very strong stability, extremely difficult to degrade, so the plastic bag needs 300 years before the completion of the decomposition; chemical structure of polypropylene is not solid, the molecular chain is easily broken, which can be effectively degraded, and enter the environmental cycle the next step in a non-toxic form. Non-woven bags in 90 days can be completely decomposed.


Just don’t need non-woven textile process and made like Buffet products, also called non-woven fabric. Because it is only the textile staple fibre or filament directional or random column, the formation of fibre network structure, and then use mechanical, thermal or chemical methods such as reinforcement can be made. Non-woven bags mostly made of spun-bonded non-woven fabric.


It is simple: not by a non-woven weaving, a yarn knitting together, but the fibres directly through physical methods together, so, when you get your clothes stick said, you will find that is not a root of the thread. The non-woven fabric breaks through the traditional textile principle and has the characteristics of the short technological process, high production speed, high output, low cost, wide application, and more raw materials.


Non woven bag, the product by casting, composite solid, not viscose, during the composite plastic soft, no feeling, no skin irritation, suitable for single sheets, disposable medical, surgical gowns, gowns, protective clothing, shoes, and other health protection products made of this cloth; the sack of non-woven bag.

The Print Process of Non-woven Bags

Non-woven bags are generally used screen printing process, which is often said that “silk screen”, which has also been a lot of manufacturers more commonly used printing process. Generally artificial printing, so the process of colour control is not good control, so the emergence of many new non-woven printing methods, where we introduce the current mainstream of the market several:


Because of its use of water-based rubber mortar as the printing medium and named in the textile printing more common, also known as printing. When printing the colour paste and water-based plastic glue to reconcile. Wash the plate without chemical solvents, can be washed directly with water. Its characteristics are good colouring ability, with strong cover and fastness, washable, basically no smell.


The finished product processed in this way is usually called non-woven bag. This process is divided into two steps, that is, the first use of the traditional gravure printing process will be printed on the film, and then use the coating process will be printed on the pattern of film composite in the non-woven fabrics. General large-scale colour pattern printing of non-woven bags are used in this process. Its characteristics are beautifully printed, full use of machine production, production cycle is short. In addition, the product has excellent waterproof performance, the durability of the finished product than other non-woven bags produced. A film with light and matter two options, matte scrub effect! The disadvantage is that there is a conflict with the concept of environmental protection because the film is difficult to degradation.


Thermal transfer in the printing is a special printing! The method requires an intermediate medium, i.e., the graphic is printed on the thermal transfer film or the thermal transfer paper, and the pattern is transferred to the nonwoven fabric by warming with the transfer apparatus. The medium commonly used in textile printing is a thermal transfer film. Its advantages are printing fine, rich version of the version, comparable to the photo. Suitable for small area colour image printing. The disadvantage is high prices, high printing costs.


How To Choose the Right Promotional Pen for Your Company’s Image

Pens are around us. They are essential tools for nearly everyone. Therefore it will be the best and cheapest promotional gifts. The promotional pen will convert your company image to your customers.


Whether you’re handing them out as giveaways or simply providing them at checkouts and registers to patrons of your establishment, they should always be a part of your effort to generate brand awareness. Want to know why? Because they work! The only trick is to decide which type of promo pen best suits the image of your company.


The good news? I’m here to help. Let’s run through a few quick examples of promo pens that may suit you:


Ballpoint Pen


A touch of style. An air of classiness. This twist-action pen is a cut above average in terms of visual presentation. Let’s put it this way: if your company requires employees to wear suits and ties on a daily basis, then this is the writing tool you should keep in stock. When they see this, customers will know that you mean business.


 Translucent Multicolor Retractable Pens


Adaptable, accommodating, and just a whole lot of fun! If there was ever a truly one-of-kind promo pen, this would be it. So, how flexible would you consider your company? Is it as flexible as this highly elastic item? If so, then you’ve just found your new flagship giveaway! Whether your business takes a great deal of pride in being able to meet the customer half way or you simply want to promote your image in an exceptionally unique manner, this pen will get the point across.


Promotional LED Light Pen


Talk about versatile! A laser pointer, a stylus, a flashlight—this thing has many specialities to call its own. Then again, maybe there’s nothing at all wrong with being more than the average writing instrument. Likewise, it’s a good thing to be more than the average brand. If your company provides its customers with the kind of above-and-beyond service that your competition normally ignores, then be sure to have your logo emblazoned on this handy item for the kind of exposure your brand deserves.


The logo imprinted promotional products you send to your customer reflected the efforts you made for your company image. Luckily the Keeup provide you more than enough high-quality options to choose from right here.




Green Consumption-Be Kind To Earth And Human Beings

Over the past 28 years, the reduction and degradation of global forests have been very severe, taking into account the sustainable development of forests and achieving internationally agreed development goals. The United Nations General Assembly in the resolution announced in 2011 as the “International Year of the Forest”, and is scheduled for March 21 each year for the World Forest Day. And now, in addition to tree planting, but also a wide range of concerns about the nature of forests and people’s livelihood.


More and more frequent natural disasters in the world give us the serious warning, beware of our forest ecosystem protection is very important. For such ecological security should be strictly implemented, not because of short-term economic development and the actual industrial plantation. These are the driving forces behind the forest degradation, in fact, with our lives and consumption are inseparable. In recent years, the government put forward the “plastic limit order”, the market began to appear seemingly environmentally friendly paper bags, paper bags began to win the beginning to win everyone’s favourite. But the back of the paper bag, a large number of trees were cut off the deterioration of the forest.


It is understood that the global forest at least a year to reduce the 14 million hectares, almost a region with a Greek country. Now the rapid development of the country, pulp and paper industry, leather industry, paper bag factory is also more and more, resulting in serious degradation and reduction of virgin forest, and because of their industrial operations, greenhouse gas emissions is exacerbated by the climate crisis, resulting in many rare special face extinction. Today, natural forests are faced with the strong challenge of the plantation, in some areas of the South, you can see a lot of natural forests are replaced by a large area of plant trees, resulting in natural forest loss of real forest function. Much local government supervision lax, people called the “low-yield forest transformation” under the banner of the serious phenomenon, the occurrence of this phenomenon has also aroused our vigilance.


For this phenomenon, the environmental protection bag factory has a great idea, with non-woven bags to replace paper bags. At the beginning of the introduction of environmental protection, bags is not very popular with the public because they do not understand its texture and the use of the method, we are very curious why this bag will be better than paper bags itself.


In fact, the development of human being and the protection of the environment is not contradictory. Our consumer awareness and action is also a positive factor in forest protection if we people in life can be less waste, more support. Green consumption refused to damage the environment of the product, then those who protect the forest action and support will be a higher level.


So that consumers know that environmental protection bags are very environmentally friendly, because its material is made of biodegradable new materials, with a light, non-toxic non-irritating, easy to break, recyclable, can be cleaned and many other advantages, whether it says it instead of plastic bags or instead of paper bags worth mentioning, are the best choice.


If you are annoyed with the choice on how to choose the promotional gifts for your next promotional campaign, the Keeup will give you the promotional advice on wholesale promotional items and offer you the best quality promotional non-woven bags.



Wholesale Drawstring Bags as Promotional Gifts

Backpacks can never get any better! These customised drawstring bags can be imprinted with your logo, artwork and message and every time they carry these logo bags, your brand will enjoy the much-desired portability and exposure. Most custom drawstring bags are made of durable polypropylene or non-woven material, which makes this a great bet for carrying school supplies, travel essentials or even sports equipment among others.


Available in a range of vibrant colours, custom drawstring bags make excellent promotional gifts for their massive imprint area. Light weight and easy to distribute, logo cinch bags will make great promotional gifts for tradeshows and events. Designed to last long, these reusable bags will ensure regular impressions and more value for your money.


These custom bags will also fare well as fundraising items thanks to its low price factor and immense popularity. The reusable drawstring bags will make great handouts to promote non-profit organizations, go green campaigns and awareness events among others.

14.75? W x 17? H ? 90 Gram Non Woven Polypropylene including 25% recycled content ? Double cords that act as drawstring closure and straps ? Reinforced bottom corners around grommets ? Debco?s lowest priced drawstring knapsack

Bags are one of the most popular promotional gifts for it practical features and these drawstring backpacks enjoy a popular place in logo bags. These bags that ensure hands-free convenience to the users will make a great option for holiday makers, hikers, bikers and students among others. The best part is that these bags will surely last well past the season as these fit the bills of a perfect festival bag for Halloween treats or Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day goodies among others.


Polypropylene drawstring bags These colourful, light weight and sturdy bags will surely draw a few eyeballs during your next business event. Ample storage space coupled with the safety of double draw cord closure and impressive colour choices are some of the advantages of these custom bags, which will never fail to tug the hearts of your recipients.


Slide right polypropylene drawstring bags are well sought after their handle toting options coupled with the customary shoulder strap. These logo items are great for colleges, local sports teams, universities, and high schools. The large imprint area will put your logo on wide display while the recycled material construction will add up to its eco-friendly credentials.


The impressive color profiles, coupled with affordability and utility will make these sports packs a popular gift choice for students, athletes, campers, hikers, motorcyclists and travellers. These bags have ample space not just for their travel needs and supplies but also for their entertainment options like ear buds.


Custom drawstring bags make a trendy alternative to plastic bags or those heavy school style backpacks. Your recipients will surely fall in love with these trendier and lightweight counterparts of the traditional backpacks at first sight! So, why not browse our impressive collection of these drawstring backpacks to pick up the ones that will match your needs.


Cheap drawstring bags can be the perfect item for you to buy for yourself or use for your business. We, the Keeup Company is a professional promotional product and custom made products manufacturer in China. We are your one-stop-shop for all your promotional business products and business promotional items needs. We can manufacture logo Imprinted promotional products according to your request, printing custom logo and shipping to worldwide. If you are in the market for drawstring bags you should head over to to see the different drawstring bags and other bags that are available to you at great prices

Custom Tote Bags As Your Walking Billboard

Custom tote bags are one of the top-selling promotional products and are the perfect solution every, promotional and marketing need. We have a large selection of styles and colours for you to choose from! This promotional tool is something your organisation and your clients can actually put to use. No matter if they are used while shopping for groceries, lounging at the beach or while out and about, your company or organisation’s logo or message will be on display for all to see. Reusable bags are in high demand and with more and more cities eliminating plastic bags, that demand will only grow.


The Popular Grocery & Shopping Tote Bag – Recyclable!


In the last few years, the custom grocery tote bag, typically made of non-woven or polypropylene material, has become extremely popular – and for good reason!  The custom grocery tote bag is typically constructed of a light but strong non-woven or polypropylene material.  These bags typically contain approximately 20% recycled material and can usually be recycled!  Shopping Tote Bags are typically promoted at retail operations to promote reuse, recycling and to stop or limit the use of plastic or paper shopping bags.  Many of our customers are now using these tote bags for trade shows, conferences and as a general corporate gift.


Canvas Tote Bags and Cotton Tote Bags


Custom Canvas Tote Bags have been and will always be popular.  They have a classic look and feel, and due to recent changes in manufacturing, have dropped dramatically in price!  From the classic boat tote to more recent organic tote bags and tote bags Made in the USA, we have a large variety of cotton canvas tote bags to choose from.  Cotton canvas typically varies in weight from 6 oz to 22 oz.  the lightweight 6 oz tote bag are popular for trade show tote bags due to their lightness.  The main disadvantage of cotton tote bags are the risk of mildew and staining, but with proper care, they will last for many years.  The heavier cotton canvas tote bags are typically used for the classic boat totes, designer tote bags and executive style bags.


Trade Show and Conference Tote Bags


While these have dropped in popularity recently due to the recession, the classic trade show and conference tote bag are great for style, designs, features and durability!  Typically made of 600D PolyCanvas, these bags come in wide array of colours and sizes.  Typically in the lower to medium price range, these personalised tote bags are great for conferences and trade shows.  Unlike some of the cheaper alternatives, Poly Canvas Tote Bags will be used again and again.


Keeup offers a wide variety of cheap promotional items with your logo or saying imprinted.  Whether you are looking for a custom canvas tote bag, a promotional grocery or shopping tote bag or a trade show tote – we have it.  In addition, most of our promotional tote bags can be rush produced in as little as 1 working day at no additional cost!