Green Consumption-Be Kind To Earth And Human Beings

Over the past 28 years, the reduction and degradation of global forests have been very severe, taking into account the sustainable development of forests and achieving internationally agreed development goals. The United Nations General Assembly in the resolution announced in 2011 as the “International Year of the Forest”, and is scheduled for March 21 each year for the World Forest Day. And now, in addition to tree planting, but also a wide range of concerns about the nature of forests and people’s livelihood.


More and more frequent natural disasters in the world give us the serious warning, beware of our forest ecosystem protection is very important. For such ecological security should be strictly implemented, not because of short-term economic development and the actual industrial plantation. These are the driving forces behind the forest degradation, in fact, with our lives and consumption are inseparable. In recent years, the government put forward the “plastic limit order”, the market began to appear seemingly environmentally friendly paper bags, paper bags began to win the beginning to win everyone’s favourite. But the back of the paper bag, a large number of trees were cut off the deterioration of the forest.


It is understood that the global forest at least a year to reduce the 14 million hectares, almost a region with a Greek country. Now the rapid development of the country, pulp and paper industry, leather industry, paper bag factory is also more and more, resulting in serious degradation and reduction of virgin forest, and because of their industrial operations, greenhouse gas emissions is exacerbated by the climate crisis, resulting in many rare special face extinction. Today, natural forests are faced with the strong challenge of the plantation, in some areas of the South, you can see a lot of natural forests are replaced by a large area of plant trees, resulting in natural forest loss of real forest function. Much local government supervision lax, people called the “low-yield forest transformation” under the banner of the serious phenomenon, the occurrence of this phenomenon has also aroused our vigilance.


For this phenomenon, the environmental protection bag factory has a great idea, with non-woven bags to replace paper bags. At the beginning of the introduction of environmental protection, bags is not very popular with the public because they do not understand its texture and the use of the method, we are very curious why this bag will be better than paper bags itself.


In fact, the development of human being and the protection of the environment is not contradictory. Our consumer awareness and action is also a positive factor in forest protection if we people in life can be less waste, more support. Green consumption refused to damage the environment of the product, then those who protect the forest action and support will be a higher level.


So that consumers know that environmental protection bags are very environmentally friendly, because its material is made of biodegradable new materials, with a light, non-toxic non-irritating, easy to break, recyclable, can be cleaned and many other advantages, whether it says it instead of plastic bags or instead of paper bags worth mentioning, are the best choice.


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