Wholesale custom non woven shopping bag

Non woven shopping bag is a environmental friendly product with attractive appearance, it’s tough and durable, breathable and reusable. With custom logo printing, it’s the best as promotional gifts for any company and industry.10-10-55

Economic effect: wholesale promotional item non woven shopping bag has the characteristics of repeated use, which plastic bag has not. Moreover, compared with plastic bag, the non woven shopping bag is more easy to print customized logo for advertising and has more vivid color.

Practicability: In order to save cost, the traditional plastic shopping bag is always made by thin and easy damaged material. The non woven bag solved this problem, it’s durable and abrasion resistance. If coated with film, it becomes a custom lamination non woven shopping bag, which will be more durable, smooth to touch and waterproof at the same time. Though cost is higher than plastic bag, its service life is much longer than plastic shopping bag

Advertising and promotion: An elegant wholesale customzied non woven shopping bag is not just a bag, it’s a movable advertisement board. Think about how your client excited when putting their goods in this beautiful shopping bag. Second, with careful design of logo printing and waterproof ability, it will sure the first choose when people going out shopping, then the advertising effect is self-evident.