Hot selling promotional items in the 2017 summer

The holiday is coming with the summer. How about the plan you have to spend your holidays?

The increasing number of our clients show that 2017 summer people like go to a beach and swim better. Everyone loves swim during the summer vacation because it can make our hot summer become cooler. And it can also help us to keep fit. Everybody has their own stress, but we can try our best to make our life better. The idea that no matter happy or unhappy, the keywords for us is to makes our body and mental health.

During the 10 years, we give our customers the most attentive service. Customer chooses us because of the sourcing solution, quality control and cost-effective delivery. If you want to make your business promote, the best choice is to choose  China wholesale promotional gifts to makes your own promotional gifts to your clients.And it can help you to make a better relationship with your clients.

2017 summer the hot selling items is outdoors sported promotional items.

The tent is necessary for us if we went to the beach or outside to spend a night, it will make us keep away from the mosquito. If your clients used the tent which with your brand logo, it means that maybe the clients will be your frequenter and it also makes intangible ads to your brand.


The features that the tent we have:

  1. Durable, because it is made of 190T polyester.
  2. Convenience, because it is fast opened only by one person.
  3. Personalised, because it can imprint your custom logo.
  4. Cheap, because it is wholesale price.

The most popular products is custom inflatable beach ball


People often spent their holiday with their family or friends. Beach balls can make your body and mental health. Beach balls are usually made in China.The Keeup is a trustworthy wholesale promotional product in China. The beach balls we offer you are proven durable and long lasting for purpose of playing, advertisement or marketing. The beach balls can make by different thickness of materials, such as the PVC we used is pass the 6P test. you can let your child play it because it is non-toxic. Also, the beach balls can make by different shaped. Generally, these beach balls are made with the customer’s needs and desire as their guide and centre point.


Enjoy Cool Summer With These Promotional Items

Hot summer, people are in high temperature under the invasion, at the moment, it is each enterprise to the busy summer promotional items, promotional gifts are in the business enterprises or business activities in order to improve or expand visibility, improve the market share of products, especially purchasing access to higher sales and profits in the summer, and promotional gifts to send what is good?


1. Promotional Foldable Beach Chair


The promotional logo folding chair is a must have for every activities fanatic and outdoor show guests. Your customized printed out company logo or message is completely placed on the seat to emphasize your respected clients of who you are and how you much you appreciate their ongoing commitment to your company. Optionally available imprints are available on the bag for portable promotional chairs and foldable promotional director’s chairs. Our custom printed folding beach chairs, logo sports chairs, and cooler bag chairs are all available with rush service. All prices include your company logo completely printed out on one color.

2. Customized Sunglasses

These custom promotional sunglasses are one of my favorite summer promotional products because they come in fun, neon colors and have a superior, high quality look. Everyone has a use for them, whether it be spending the day outside or driving on a sunny afternoon. Great for outdoor events!

3. Branded Sports Drinking Bottle


This is a logo imprinted product perfect for outdoor summer events. The sports drinking bottles with logo comes with a pair of branded sunglasses placed inside a 20 oz. water bottle. With a variety of bright colors available, this product is a unique way to showcase your brand while celebrating summer.

4. Promotional Beach Towels


Customized beach towels are effective summer promotional items for pool parties or beach getaways! Style your customers’ summer outings with this  customized beach towel outfitted with your logo on the finest, most comfortable cotton.

5. Personalized Mini Fans


These custom mini fans are convenient for crowded, outdoor events like concerts. I’d even use it while on a walk or run! They’re especially popular because of their small size for maximum transportability without compromising brand exposure.


6.Personalized Sun Visor


A sun visor can keep you protected from the sun. Here you will find hundreds of women’s sun visors, men’s sun visors, wide brim visors and gardening hats. For those with active lifestyles, we carry comfortable and lightweight sport visors made of materials such as terry cloth, foam, mesh and straw.

Enhance Your Company With Promotional Cooler Bags

You might be thinking constantly as you try to think out what promotional products you would give out next. If I were one of the grateful individuals who take advantage of the same products from one business to business, I would not know the distinction between them. Not that I would not find the products useful; getting the same products just does not stimulate the same interest as the first time.


You can try using a new promotional product for a change. Why not try an advertising product that a customer can take along to just about anywhere? Take along in the sense that it is very noticeable with the customer. Just like an advertising cooler bags. Have you tried to consider using cooler bags for an advertising item? These cooler bags chairs are actually a bit costly than the regular promotional products you spend on. You must think; however, that the benefit is greater than the cost. Just think about the visibility your business gets. The customers will be more likely able to take the cooler bags chairs to just about anywhere they go. They could take it with them when they go watch activities in the game, when they go out sports fishing or boating, on a picnic and on the seaside. They can bring it with them to work sites and even to their children’s school and the recreation area.


Make your organisation’s promotional cooler bags more inviting by using similarly eye-catching shades on the luggage and the chairs. You can decide to keep the chairs in black and the bag in other shades. You possibly could help create your business more noticeable by looking for a properly scaled company logo on the bag. You can also choose from a lot of styles for your cooler bags. You can choose a personalised cooler bags if you want. You can have its container or can potential modified to how many you want. You ensure it is extended. Of course, the price quote will differ that way.


Since you are advertising your business and its high-quality products or services, this should also indicate in your promotional products. For making your logo imprinted promotional products more durable, you should choose the best components for it. The supports should be well-built and powerful. It should not fold easily. The nylon content fabric content should be the best high quality. It should be color-fast and powerful enough. You can also check the insulating content for the possible leak. For sure your customers will be more than satisfied to obtain this.


If you need the best  promotional cooler bags and other quality and cheap promotional items, please pay a visit to

Custom Cheap Cooler Bags For Your Next Compaign

Every trip to the seaside or have a eat outside needs ice to keep your treats and libations awesome. A protected bag is a sweeter and easier option than tag joining a huge much cooler over sand hills. Use one of these choices to lug around your goods for the day. As an advertising tool, promotional cooler bags are excellent for customers who like to go camping, picnicking or spend time cooling off at the beach.


Cooler Bag Technology


The original ice chest appeared out of inspired metal.  Later editions were created from plastic.  They were double-walled with a part of large Polystyrene in between which helped to keep the material awesome.  Modern ice boxes are still created this same basic way.


Styrofoam was the right insulator, but it had to be relatively dense to sustain inner temperature ranges for a longer timeframe of time.  And, of course, Polystyrene is quickly damaged and damaged, so it had to be exemplified in a difficult spend to prevent damage.  As such, ice boxes have to be firm.


By contrast, much cooler purses are not firm.  Instead, they are usually created from large but versatile materials, like cotton, on the outside. The interior is covered with high-quality aluminium foil.  In between the external and inner levels are levels of materials like versatile foam, which are slim but large and have the ability to sustain inner temperature ranges for several hours.  Fraxel treatments allow for a bag that is versatile and slim and, therefore, easy and practical to handle.  Also, compared with their firm forerunners, much cooler purses can be manufactured in a broader variety of forms and dimensions.


The Convenient of Promotional Cooler Bags

Here at, we carry a number of promotional cooler bags in various dimensions.  Different sized bags are compatible with different reasons.  Our tiniest imprinted cooler bags are the perfect dimension for a lunch bag and perfect for holding to school or work. Keeuppro also provides numerous mid-size designs.  These are great for a have a eat outside or for a day at the seaside, or for holding 12 or 24 standard-size drink containers.  Our larger designs are excellent for taking camping or other occasions where food and meals are required for more than one day.


Besides being less confusing, today’s promotional cooler bags have the advantage of being less heavy and easier to handle. Keeups’ promotional cheap cooler bags come with handles and ties for holding and can be easily carried by one person.  Designers often add other features, like outside pouches, which can be used for packaging smaller products which don’t necessarily have to be kept as much cooler as the inner material.  We can provide you various cheap promotional items for your marketing plans.

Cool Promotional Items Make Your Brand Out

Why focus on cool promotional items these days? Will it make a better version of yourself and get you going for your marketing the right way or will it just be something that will cause you trouble?


For you to know more about these, you will have to discover what promotional items are sometimes called promotional gifts for a very big reason. This is because they are offered by clients and are made to make a huge impact on your branding these days. You will realise that you could get a huge value for your brand if you focus on building it and getting ahead of your competition and will get you going for your marketing. The thing with promo items is that they will keep you on the hook with the minds of your clients.

People will always remember you as that company that will always give something for them and sometimes they will just patronise you just because of this good will.

With this in mind, people should consider learning more about how you could start working on your brand and getting ahead of your marketing the right way, with just the right products so that you could also stick to the minds of your clients too.

This is one of the reasons why you will always win the heart of your clients and get you going if you offer them cool promotional items and value-added services that will get you going.

For your branding to work, as you may already know, promotional items will cost you. There will be expenses for it and as for promotional items, you may want to consider offering the best deals rather than just focusing on the cool promo items that value added services work.

You will also have to figure out some good ways for you to work on your brand and get you going for your marketing. You will learn that you will have to get into a good supplier to aid you in formulating real products so that you could give real items that work.

This may lead to some issues but you will never go wrong with cool promotional items that work.

Figure these out and you will definitely get on the right track as easily as you think
So with this said, you will probably get the right item if you hire someone who already knows what they are doing. The research will lead you far but it won’t get you the most results if you are having troubles getting the right track on your marketing.

Cool promotional items with value added services will definitely be a thing of interest for your clients. Offering them quality products will definitely get you ahead of your competition.

Brand Out With Promotional Items China

Are you eye-catching for promotional items that you can accord to your capability even though they are going to your appointment or aloof blockage out your articles on the internet? You can use promotional items as a capability for all those who seem to your business office. It could on top of that be an abundant account as advantage goods for all those who subscribe you on the internet mass media or are loyal barter to you at any time since.


Promotional items are wonderful services to use for promotions. They get your customers interest and get them hooked to your services and companies because you are a distinct business. You also have the preferred opportunity to offer wonderful final results for your manufacturer as you go forward and function with the most suitable goods you will recognise that not items are produced identical. Essentially, you will observe the cost differs and of a program, the utilisation of items and their reputation among your target audience Issues a great deal as well. This is why you should certainly understand a lot more about these services this today.


Right here are some of the perfect ones to provide to your customers today:


Colourful Promotional Power Bank


Power banks are so well-known and you can completely modify these services and get favourite with your customers who check out your booth in an expo or trade show. You should certainly also know that you could go much with colourful promotional power bank. These items are really favourite and are wonderful to have for developing your brand. A promotional power bank is actually a potent gadget simply because it obtains your customers hook with this product all day, particularly if they are fans of cell gadgets.


Promotional Flash Drives


Promotional flash drives are Inexpensive. They are uncomplicated to locate and they are uncomplicated to use. So go forward and get started out with promotional flash drives for everybody uses him or her. You get to have a lot of individuals examining you out particularly that this product is shared with colleagues and office mates.


Promotional Bags


Promotional bags by no means go out of fashion. They are wonderful for developing the brand that function and you should certainly know that you can design up your bags to whatever your prospects like. Of course, you will have to do a bit of investigation so that you can figure out what they want. This is really uncomplicated and you will be amazed at how Incredible it is for your brand.


There are a lot of cheap promotional items for the customer to have. Go forward and choose the ones above or some more fascinating and creative items from Keeup. We will be your best partner on the wholesale promotional items China.

Find A Wide Range Of Reusable And Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

Nowadays, it is required that, we use Eco-friendly products and materials. Global warming and frequent use of plastic and materials made of it are dangerous to trees and all creatures in the world. Reusable shopping bags are made from organic cotton, jute, natural fibers, hemp and paper. They are a popular choice for both business and personal gift of these days.


It is a wise move for every individual to consider the reusable shopping bags made of cotton, jute etc. Shopping is fun for most of us and when it comes to shopping, we all use different quality bags, either it is cotton made, plastic made or cotton canvas bags. In many families, shopping is done by women most of the times. They have many choices in terms of bag sizes, color and quality. Shopping bags come in different sizes, shapes and materials. Shopping bag manufacturer of these bags has a team of marketing experts, professionals and designers offering latest trend, reusable, and Eco-friendly bags.


Reusable shopping bags are becoming more and more popular these days with many businesses and consumers opting for them instead of the traditional plastic shopping bags.


Reusable shopping bags have the following advantages for living organisms:-

Save trees

Saves water

Saves gas and oil

Helps overcome air pollution

Help sea creatures

Helps our families



Available in many colors

The pleasant qualities of reusable and Eco-friendly bags have caught the eyes of the corporate world, and now multiple companies are using them not only as a way to show their commitment to a greener world but also as an extremely efficient marketing tool. Manufacturers of reusable shopping bags care about your comfort and convenience. These bags are therefore made in such a way that cleaning them is not a problem. They offer discounts and very low rates to increase the sale of these bags.

In recent times, you need not go traditional stores or shopping malls to buy cotton canvas bags or jute bags for shopping, almost all manufacturers or exporters have their own website. They maintain all products there and you can buy one at your ease. Just clicking the mouse can buy an affordable shopping bag, but you have to think many times, if you opt to buy bags online. There are many fake websites, which can ruin your mood of shopping. Check the reviews posted by past customers and read their testimonials. If a website is genuine, you can go for shopping, otherwise you should buy a shopping in a shopping store, or a general store.

The Principle Of Non-woven Bag

Non- woven fabric is made of polymer, short fibre or filament through a variety of fibre network forming method and consolidation technology to form a new type of fibre products with soft, breathable and flat structure. Non woven bag advantages compared with the traditional plastic bags: non-woven bag cheap, environmentally friendly and practical, widely used, with prominent advertising position. It is suitable for all kinds of business activities and exhibitions and fairs. It is an ideal advertising promotion gift for enterprises and institutions


Non-woven bags of raw materials are polypropylene, and plastic bags of raw materials are polyethene, although the name of the two substances is similar, but the difference in the chemical structure is far. The chemical molecular structure of polyethylene has very strong stability, extremely difficult to degrade, so the plastic bag needs 300 years before the completion of the decomposition; chemical structure of polypropylene is not solid, the molecular chain is easily broken, which can be effectively degraded, and enter the environmental cycle the next step in a non-toxic form. Non-woven bags in 90 days can be completely decomposed.


Just don’t need non-woven textile process and made like Buffet products, also called non-woven fabric. Because it is only the textile staple fibre or filament directional or random column, the formation of fibre network structure, and then use mechanical, thermal or chemical methods such as reinforcement can be made. Non-woven bags mostly made of spun-bonded non-woven fabric.


It is simple: not by a non-woven weaving, a yarn knitting together, but the fibres directly through physical methods together, so, when you get your clothes stick said, you will find that is not a root of the thread. The non-woven fabric breaks through the traditional textile principle and has the characteristics of the short technological process, high production speed, high output, low cost, wide application, and more raw materials.


Non woven bag, the product by casting, composite solid, not viscose, during the composite plastic soft, no feeling, no skin irritation, suitable for single sheets, disposable medical, surgical gowns, gowns, protective clothing, shoes, and other health protection products made of this cloth; the sack of non-woven bag.

Custom Tote Bags As Your Walking Billboard

Custom tote bags are one of the top-selling promotional products and are the perfect solution every, promotional and marketing need. We have a large selection of styles and colours for you to choose from! This promotional tool is something your organisation and your clients can actually put to use. No matter if they are used while shopping for groceries, lounging at the beach or while out and about, your company or organisation’s logo or message will be on display for all to see. Reusable bags are in high demand and with more and more cities eliminating plastic bags, that demand will only grow.


The Popular Grocery & Shopping Tote Bag – Recyclable!


In the last few years, the custom grocery tote bag, typically made of non-woven or polypropylene material, has become extremely popular – and for good reason!  The custom grocery tote bag is typically constructed of a light but strong non-woven or polypropylene material.  These bags typically contain approximately 20% recycled material and can usually be recycled!  Shopping Tote Bags are typically promoted at retail operations to promote reuse, recycling and to stop or limit the use of plastic or paper shopping bags.  Many of our customers are now using these tote bags for trade shows, conferences and as a general corporate gift.


Canvas Tote Bags and Cotton Tote Bags


Custom Canvas Tote Bags have been and will always be popular.  They have a classic look and feel, and due to recent changes in manufacturing, have dropped dramatically in price!  From the classic boat tote to more recent organic tote bags and tote bags Made in the USA, we have a large variety of cotton canvas tote bags to choose from.  Cotton canvas typically varies in weight from 6 oz to 22 oz.  the lightweight 6 oz tote bag are popular for trade show tote bags due to their lightness.  The main disadvantage of cotton tote bags are the risk of mildew and staining, but with proper care, they will last for many years.  The heavier cotton canvas tote bags are typically used for the classic boat totes, designer tote bags and executive style bags.


Trade Show and Conference Tote Bags


While these have dropped in popularity recently due to the recession, the classic trade show and conference tote bag are great for style, designs, features and durability!  Typically made of 600D PolyCanvas, these bags come in wide array of colours and sizes.  Typically in the lower to medium price range, these personalised tote bags are great for conferences and trade shows.  Unlike some of the cheaper alternatives, Poly Canvas Tote Bags will be used again and again.


Keeup offers a wide variety of cheap promotional items with your logo or saying imprinted.  Whether you are looking for a custom canvas tote bag, a promotional grocery or shopping tote bag or a trade show tote – we have it.  In addition, most of our promotional tote bags can be rush produced in as little as 1 working day at no additional cost!


Have you prepared for New Year’s business promotion


Advertising wholesale promotional items are products that combine the company and brand together with promotional gifts. It converies information and communicate with customers. But do you know how to achieve better advertising effect and what production is suitable for wholesale promotional gifts? You can find right answer in Keeup promotional gifts.


Keeup technology company is a professional promotional products and custom made products supplier in China. We are your one-stop-shop for all your promotional business products and business promotional items needs.We can manufacture products according to customers request, printing custom logo and shipping to worldwide.


Keeup supply a superb range of promotional gifts, custom wholesale promotional items, business incentives and advertising items. A large range of promotional pens, diaries, coasters, calendars and keyrings are available to carry your message in your next campaign. If you do not see the items you are looking for on the web site, we offer a free sourcing service for those more elusive items.


If you have any need of wholesale custom promotional gifts, please feel free to contact me. I will try my best to help you.