The best mode of the promotional gifts Ltd

With the development of global economy, commodity became more global than before. The company also use the advertisement to develop, but the new trend is to develop the promotional items.

We can give the promotion items with the products we sales. Such as buy iPhone, to we not only have a phone but an earphone. We buy some cloth in C&A, we should add 1RMBto buy a paper bag for our items. Or sometimes we can receive a pen or cup from other company, and we should not buy anything or give some money. It’s free. And the only thing is that they made a advertise to you about their company.

So the best mode of a promotional gifts Ltd?

First, the company need to have the best products. It doesn’t mean the products is expensive, it means that the products should be a good quality because the products are the advertising of their company.

Second, the company need to have a lot of products. Because a company must buy different kinds of products at different times. Would you want to give your customers a Christmas stocks at summer? Of course not! The company want to make customer’s summer become cooler, and winter becomes warmer. You can know the promotional gifts company from their product catalog.

Third, the company need, to be honest. The standard to evaluate a success company is not how many products they sales but the company whether honest or not. Because we all don’t want to do business with a dishonest company.

According to the above conditions, Keeup promotional gifts Ltd has the best products, honest and all kinds of promotional items. Whatever you want, just tell us and we can give you the best price.


Keeup promotional gifts Ltd is your best choice when you want to buy promotional gifts. We have kinds of products, such as promotional baseball hats, non-woven bags and so on. The hot selling products in the 2017 summer —custom beach balls are one of our feature products.


You can find it from our website.

Cheap Summer Promotion Items For Enhance Your Company

The increase in growth of technology on the globe is reducing progressively, as the interaction hurdle between the individuals present at the furthermost distance is not achieved in a globalized telecom and the Internet, thanks. For a better device to talk with a broader audience to organizations around the globe reveal these ideas to promote your services and products, and affordable. However, there is an age-old traditional company marketing practice is still greatly regarded among common individuals and companies as well. These marketing methods to spread promotional products, trade exhibitions, events, workshops or demonstrations on their existing manufacturers or organizations to release new manufacturers.


Get a giveaway never is unable to challenge the common man or for that matter in any man. While some organizations believe, improve its client base, submission of promotional products, presents of affordable rates of the mass of the individuals, on the other hand, there is a high-caliber company to advertise their company using a well-known and high-end presents that it is a well-known present, especially in superstar lovers. The method or anything else is used to draw in clients, it all comes down to one single slogan – quality marketing.


Summer is quickly recognized and it is only sensible to plan their promotional activities in a huge audience of individuals that usually collect around places like the beach. This is the best season to bring interest to your prospective clients, and it’s a very efficient way for you to consider to draw in the interest of clients by offering them promotional products to suit the weather. You can choose from a wide range of options for you to promote your item online summer promotional items. You have the perfect promotional baseball caps. Promotion baseball caps can be an excellent summer place an excellent promotional deal. Five capable back hat floor roofs have a wide range of caps that can happily play their own product name. People like promotional baseball caps and they wear them in summer for the comfort and security that it provides the hot air. Promotion baseball caps can be easily personalised to your needs for your requirements and serve as an excellent promotion for your online company.


Another apt summer promotional items is promotional travel mugs. These promotional travel mugs protected interior that helps to maintain your drink temperature. Shoulders cooler bags are another well-known summer promotional items that provide a lot of program for company promotion. Shoulders cooler bag, meals isolates and functions as an open-air have a eat outside bag to store drinks and meals, while the other half is an apt means of advertising, printed with the brand’s company logo, that looks for to advertise.

Green Consumption-Be Kind To Earth And Human Beings

Over the past 28 years, the reduction and degradation of global forests have been very severe, taking into account the sustainable development of forests and achieving internationally agreed development goals. The United Nations General Assembly in the resolution announced in 2011 as the “International Year of the Forest”, and is scheduled for March 21 each year for the World Forest Day. And now, in addition to tree planting, but also a wide range of concerns about the nature of forests and people’s livelihood.


More and more frequent natural disasters in the world give us the serious warning, beware of our forest ecosystem protection is very important. For such ecological security should be strictly implemented, not because of short-term economic development and the actual industrial plantation. These are the driving forces behind the forest degradation, in fact, with our lives and consumption are inseparable. In recent years, the government put forward the “plastic limit order”, the market began to appear seemingly environmentally friendly paper bags, paper bags began to win the beginning to win everyone’s favourite. But the back of the paper bag, a large number of trees were cut off the deterioration of the forest.


It is understood that the global forest at least a year to reduce the 14 million hectares, almost a region with a Greek country. Now the rapid development of the country, pulp and paper industry, leather industry, paper bag factory is also more and more, resulting in serious degradation and reduction of virgin forest, and because of their industrial operations, greenhouse gas emissions is exacerbated by the climate crisis, resulting in many rare special face extinction. Today, natural forests are faced with the strong challenge of the plantation, in some areas of the South, you can see a lot of natural forests are replaced by a large area of plant trees, resulting in natural forest loss of real forest function. Much local government supervision lax, people called the “low-yield forest transformation” under the banner of the serious phenomenon, the occurrence of this phenomenon has also aroused our vigilance.


For this phenomenon, the environmental protection bag factory has a great idea, with non-woven bags to replace paper bags. At the beginning of the introduction of environmental protection, bags is not very popular with the public because they do not understand its texture and the use of the method, we are very curious why this bag will be better than paper bags itself.


In fact, the development of human being and the protection of the environment is not contradictory. Our consumer awareness and action is also a positive factor in forest protection if we people in life can be less waste, more support. Green consumption refused to damage the environment of the product, then those who protect the forest action and support will be a higher level.


So that consumers know that environmental protection bags are very environmentally friendly, because its material is made of biodegradable new materials, with a light, non-toxic non-irritating, easy to break, recyclable, can be cleaned and many other advantages, whether it says it instead of plastic bags or instead of paper bags worth mentioning, are the best choice.


If you are annoyed with the choice on how to choose the promotional gifts for your next promotional campaign, the Keeup will give you the promotional advice on wholesale promotional items and offer you the best quality promotional non-woven bags.



Custom Tote Bags As Your Walking Billboard

Custom tote bags are one of the top-selling promotional products and are the perfect solution every, promotional and marketing need. We have a large selection of styles and colours for you to choose from! This promotional tool is something your organisation and your clients can actually put to use. No matter if they are used while shopping for groceries, lounging at the beach or while out and about, your company or organisation’s logo or message will be on display for all to see. Reusable bags are in high demand and with more and more cities eliminating plastic bags, that demand will only grow.


The Popular Grocery & Shopping Tote Bag – Recyclable!


In the last few years, the custom grocery tote bag, typically made of non-woven or polypropylene material, has become extremely popular – and for good reason!  The custom grocery tote bag is typically constructed of a light but strong non-woven or polypropylene material.  These bags typically contain approximately 20% recycled material and can usually be recycled!  Shopping Tote Bags are typically promoted at retail operations to promote reuse, recycling and to stop or limit the use of plastic or paper shopping bags.  Many of our customers are now using these tote bags for trade shows, conferences and as a general corporate gift.


Canvas Tote Bags and Cotton Tote Bags


Custom Canvas Tote Bags have been and will always be popular.  They have a classic look and feel, and due to recent changes in manufacturing, have dropped dramatically in price!  From the classic boat tote to more recent organic tote bags and tote bags Made in the USA, we have a large variety of cotton canvas tote bags to choose from.  Cotton canvas typically varies in weight from 6 oz to 22 oz.  the lightweight 6 oz tote bag are popular for trade show tote bags due to their lightness.  The main disadvantage of cotton tote bags are the risk of mildew and staining, but with proper care, they will last for many years.  The heavier cotton canvas tote bags are typically used for the classic boat totes, designer tote bags and executive style bags.


Trade Show and Conference Tote Bags


While these have dropped in popularity recently due to the recession, the classic trade show and conference tote bag are great for style, designs, features and durability!  Typically made of 600D PolyCanvas, these bags come in wide array of colours and sizes.  Typically in the lower to medium price range, these personalised tote bags are great for conferences and trade shows.  Unlike some of the cheaper alternatives, Poly Canvas Tote Bags will be used again and again.


Keeup offers a wide variety of cheap promotional items with your logo or saying imprinted.  Whether you are looking for a custom canvas tote bag, a promotional grocery or shopping tote bag or a trade show tote – we have it.  In addition, most of our promotional tote bags can be rush produced in as little as 1 working day at no additional cost!


Analysis of the Advantages of Compressed Towel



Outing picnic, inconvenient with a towel how to do? This time the best choice is a compressed towel. But what are the advantages of compressed towel in general?


1, easy to carry

As the product is easy to carry, small and exquisite, novel and chic, clean health, disease prevention and a wide variety of advantages, it will become people travel, business essential good things.In high-grade hotels, sauna massage, public baths, hospitals and other places, compressed towels can remove people’s concerns about the hygiene aspects of towels.


2, as a gift

Compressed towels can also be presented as a small gift, the product printed on the unit address, business scope, scenic spots, etc. can be used as a nice, novel and unique souvenirs. It applies to hotels, hotels, airlines, insurance companies, transport departments, enterprises and the use of tourism companies. Even as a factory labor insurance supplies.


3, novel products

Compressed towel as easy to carry, easy to remember, simple to release, the advantages of new products will be better than ordinary towels. In people’s daily life, the compressed towel also has broad prospects for development, compressed towel can be designed into a variety of shapes and patterns, unconventional, bound to arouse people’s curiosity, causing people to buy desire.


4, safety and health

In fact, the emergence of compressed towels, a greater degree of convenience to our lives. Of course, to remind you, not only depends on the purchase price of compressed towels, but also pay attention to the quality of judgment.


Brief Introduction of Non – woven Shopping Bags and Analysis of Market



Non-woven bags as raw materials, non-woven fabrics is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, with moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, not combustion, easy decomposition, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors, Reuse and other characteristics. The use of a long time, reusable, healthy and environmentally friendly, it can be called life essential goods, commercial new products, industrial environmental goods.

Non-woven bag is a kind of green product, tough and durable, good-looking, breathable, reusable, washable, silk screen advertising, mark, long use period, suitable for any company, any industry as advertising.At the same time during shopping,Consumers get a fine non-woven bags together with other goods from Retailers, and businesses to get the invisible advertising, it make the best of both worlds, so non-woven bags in the market more and more popular.It has the following four advantages:

First, non-woven bag more economic effect:

Starting from the plastic limit release, plastic bags will begin to gradually withdraw from the packaging market, replaced by non-woven shopping bags can be reused. Non-woven bags than plastic bags in terms of easier to print patterns, more vivid color expression. In addition,Non-woven shopping bags can be added to more beautiful than the plastic bag pattern and advertising, and because the non-woven bags can be used repeatedly lower loss rate than plastic bags, resulting in non-woven shopping bags but more cost savings, and bring more obvious Of advertising effectiveness.

Second, Non-woven bag more firmness:

The traditional plastic bag shopping bags, in order to save costs to use thin material, and easy to break.But if in order to make it stronger, it is necessary to bind more cost.The emergence of non-woven shopping bags can solve all the problems, non-woven shopping bags, toughness, not easy to wear.There are a lot of non-woven shopping bags covered with film, but also has a solid, the more waterproof, feel good, and with more beautiful shape.Although the cost of a single plastic bag a bit up than original, but its service life can reach a hundred of plastic shopping bags, or even thousands or million of plastic bags .


Third, non-woven bag have more promotional advertising effect:

A beautiful non-woven shopping bags, not just just a commodity bag.Its beautiful appearance is more attractive, can be transformed into a stylish simple shoulder bag, a beautiful landscape in the addition to,its characteristics,which is more firmness,Waterproof, non-stick hand,will become the first choice for customers when he need go out.In such a non-woven shopping bag, you can print your company’s logo or advertising,Its advertising effect is self-evident, the real small investment into a big return.

Fourth, non-woven bag more environmentally friendly public value:

Plastic limit issued, is to solve the problem of environmental protection.Non-woven bags can be repeated use, it can greatly reducing the pressure of garbage conversion.Coupled with the concept of environmental protection, more able to reflect the image of your business, and the People-friendly image.Thus bringing the potential value of more than money can be replaced.


Market analysis:

Today’s rapid economic development, people’s living standards are increasing, environmental issues have become the focus of growing concern.The destruction of the soil, climate change and energy waste lead to serious greenhouse effect, industrial pollution caused by the presence of millions of chemical compounds in the air, soil, water, plants, animals and human body, crowded, water pollution , Poor sanitation, insecurity caused by the chaos of urbanization, as well as the most serious white pollution. And so many problems have seriously affected people’s lives, where we analyze the details of the current hot issues – white pollution.

In order to solve this problem the State Council issued a “plastic limit order,” the notice clearly states: “from June 1, 2008, the nationwide ban on the production, sale, use of less than 0.025 mm thick plastic shopping bags”; “Since June 1, 2008, in all supermarkets, shopping malls, markets and other commodity retail places to implement the system of paid use of plastic shopping bags are not free to provide plastic shopping bags.”


Since then, non-woven bags on the popular, it is not only low-priced and elegant design, but also called material eco-friendly non wonen bags, and will not bring environmental pollution, so it is a lot of green shopping choice. Its industry has great potential development.

Choose The Right Promotional Shopping Bags For Your Customer

Everyone needs to make contribution to the environmental protection, and utilizing one of the bunches of reusable shopping bags that are available appears like an easy decision. Yet, with all the decisions out there, we regularly pondered: Does the right bag only come down to an expressive inclination? Then again is one material better than another? So we’ve conversed with specialists and set up together a purchasing manual for help you locate the privilege reusable shopping bag for your way of life. You can utilize them for a considerable length of time to come, they’ll keep your nourishment fresher and you won’t miss those dispensable plastic and paper bags one bit. Check out the reusable shopping bags.


Pick a Style; you can discover reusable shopping bags in a wide range of shapes and sizes, yet those with comparative measurements. On the other hand, numerous organizations make bags that can overlay up little so you can stash them in your satchel or pocket. Additionally, you may need to consider the handle length when you pick a bag. While some are long so you can convey it behind you, others have short handles and are conveyed like a conventional basic supply bag. Different elements, similar to protection and inside pockets for your wallet and PDA are likewise accessible.


Pick the material, in the event that your reusable bags are produced using a tough material, you ought to have the capacity to utilize them for a considerable length of time. Alternately, cotton and canvas bags have about the same Eco-foot shaped impression as developing and gathering cotton plants and they are washable and biodegradable. Polyester and engineered reusable bags, which are the most well-known he clarified, are gotten from characteristic gas or oil and are not biodegradable. In spite of the fact that this is a plastic, she’s OK with putting resources into them on the grounds that she won’t be discarding them at any point in the near future.


Primary concern: 100% cotton or canvas bags are breathable and overlay little, yet they won’t stand up by and by. We propose putting resources into a well-made engineered bag, and clutching it for quite a long time to come.


Promotional shopping bags have turn into a frill for way of life; every bag characterizes ones style and identity. Every sort of promotional shopping bag favors distinctive outfit and event to run with. Individuals think about having as a gathering of shopping bags to oblige their distinctive outfits and put forth a restrictive style expression every time they venture out like shopping, clubbing, easygoing excursions, office, and so on. Shopping bags may have distinctive sorts of embellishments, trimmings, enumerating, and so forth according to their prerequisite to improve the visual claim and compliment the look you wish to speak to.


Wholesale cheap promotional items from us in China will be your best choice. Our bags are superior in terms of quality when it comes to durability and usage.

Tips on Wholesale Promotional Reusable Shopping Bags Online

Are you an environment conscious consumers and finding durable, reusable shopping bags which has minimal effect on the environment with premium quality for packaging your products? We all like to do our part to help ensure nature, so utilizing one of the bunches of reusable shopping bags that are available appears like an easy decision.The versions come up in long way and introduced a new trend in the market. They are often observed as the most stylish and convenient option as well as good for the environment.


Feel the difference with reusable grocery totes:


Use of plastic totes creates serious environmental concerns to include in both short and long term to marine ecosystems, global resource consumption, and solid waste management. The lifestyle brings up a switch to a minimum number of times. Use a polyethylene totes more than four times or more than 11 times, whereas cotton totes must be used more than 131 times to become better for the environment than polyethylene totes.


The reusable grocery totes are functional for a multitude of other purposes. The totes can be up cycle to hold or organize the countertop food items.


Choose a style to suit your taste:


A different style of reusable grocery tote makes them to invent their own significance. Prefer on a different ready-made tote, to suit the every type of personal brand. The flat bottoms are easy to pack or to handle on over the shorter handles that resemble the handles on traditional plastic tote. The other styles manage to function on the varied things.


Choosing the stylish material for the correct theme:


Construct on the basis of biodegradable or recycled materials that carries the food several times over in the same tote. Use a washable tote that opts for the durable material. Hand knit tote comes with the most of the environmental impact owing to the consumption in creating the tote.


One of the material choices cotton and canvas has combined with the same Eco-print as growing and harvesting cotton plants. Each type of material has its own pros and cons discussed below:




  • Can be expensive
  • Not as much structure to totes
  • Easily cleaned and durable
  • Less environmental impact
  • Biodegradable




  • Durable
  • Easily cleaned
  • Biodegradable
  • Less environmental impact
  • Stands upright with cotton




  • Gets the environmental impact for the period of time
  • Very sturdy, very easy to clean and wipe off
  • Plastic yet biodegradable


Polyester and synthetic:


  • Easy to clean
  • Derived from natural gas and oils
  • Affordable
  • Not biodegradable


Look into different types of reusable totes:


Jute bags:


  • Most versatile totes represented for its catchy and trendy designs and styles
  • Sustainable and biodegradable as well
  • Carry books, magazines and other supplies
  • Washed using several times over


Canvas tote bags:


  • Lightweight, washable, multipurpose
  • Available in various sizes used for storing grains, dried beans, nuts
  • Made using natural, unbleached cotton


Polypropylene and polyethylene bags:


  • Forms of plastic
  • Can easily wear out
  • Use recyclable materials produced in a cost effective manner


String grocery bags:


  • Available in several bright colors
  • Fits snugly inside a handy tote
  • Functional, hold up to 10 to 12 kgs of groceries
  • Strong, compact and lightweight


Custom shopping bags from Keeup are made available in different type to carry your groceries and other belongings. Check on the list to find the most fascinating options at reasonable prices. They are obtained in different trends and lifestyle. Furthermore, we can offer you more choices on logo imprinted promotional products with premium quality from China.

How To Distinguish Non Woven Bags

In recent years, along with strengthening of people’s environmental protection awareness,replace disposable products with renewable products has became the new trend. And for the daily life of common people, people tend to use the non woven bags instead of the plastic bags. Therefore, non woven shopping bags had won the favor of business and became one of the most popular promotional items.


The quality of non woven bags is directly proportional to the price. The higher, the better of the materials and the workmanship; on the contrary, the cheaper the worse of the quality and the materials of non woven bags used is also cheaper, not to mention the artificial. In the case of the same price, how to distinguish the product is good or bad? First of all, we need to know a few parameters that determine the quality of the product:

1.The turner of non-woven bags. We should know the importance of suture in the process of non-woven bag . In order to save costs, some factory usually go  mongline instead of doublet, hire inexperienced workers so that the product is not straight line even running out of it.


2. The grams of non-woven. Grams here refers to the weight of 1 square meters of non-woven fabric. The heavier use of non-woven cloth, more thick, more durable of it . The promotional non-woven bags for ordinary enterprises are mostly 80 grams, which can probably be used 10 times. The thinner 70 grams can withstand 4-5 kg while 80 grams can withstand 5-6 kg, and so on.

3. The technology of non-woven fabric. A good quality of the non-woven bags are not only durable but also shapeable. Non-woven bag is used mostly in screen printing which are inexpensive but with clear lines. In addition of the human factors, the other important index is the pigment. The use of inferior to non-woven bag is not environmentally friendly and even lead to pungent odor.

If you want more information about logo imprinted promotional products ,please talk with our salesman, they will give you professional advise  on promotional items.