Hot selling promotional items in the 2017 summer

The holiday is coming with the summer. How about the plan you have to spend your holidays?

The increasing number of our clients show that 2017 summer people like go to a beach and swim better. Everyone loves swim during the summer vacation because it can make our hot summer become cooler. And it can also help us to keep fit. Everybody has their own stress, but we can try our best to make our life better. The idea that no matter happy or unhappy, the keywords for us is to makes our body and mental health.

During the 10 years, we give our customers the most attentive service. Customer chooses us because of the sourcing solution, quality control and cost-effective delivery. If you want to make your business promote, the best choice is to choose  China wholesale promotional gifts to makes your own promotional gifts to your clients.And it can help you to make a better relationship with your clients.

2017 summer the hot selling items is outdoors sported promotional items.

The tent is necessary for us if we went to the beach or outside to spend a night, it will make us keep away from the mosquito. If your clients used the tent which with your brand logo, it means that maybe the clients will be your frequenter and it also makes intangible ads to your brand.


The features that the tent we have:

  1. Durable, because it is made of 190T polyester.
  2. Convenience, because it is fast opened only by one person.
  3. Personalised, because it can imprint your custom logo.
  4. Cheap, because it is wholesale price.

The most popular products is custom inflatable beach ball


People often spent their holiday with their family or friends. Beach balls can make your body and mental health. Beach balls are usually made in China.The Keeup is a trustworthy wholesale promotional product in China. The beach balls we offer you are proven durable and long lasting for purpose of playing, advertisement or marketing. The beach balls can make by different thickness of materials, such as the PVC we used is pass the 6P test. you can let your child play it because it is non-toxic. Also, the beach balls can make by different shaped. Generally, these beach balls are made with the customer’s needs and desire as their guide and centre point.


How To Write a Promotion Plan?

Festival time is a business to carry out promotional campaigns to promote the corporate image of the prime time. Annual holiday, gift manufacturers are to develop gift promotions and busy, however, can really bring good results of the promotional program is not much, then, how to develop a gift promotion program? This is based on the specific circumstances of the market, the fact that the basis of the advertising gift promotion method has two advantages: First, it forces the marketing mix of each part can achieve specific marketing objectives; Second, it takes into account the different the different position of the advertising gift in the market and the difference between it and its competitors in advertising promotional activities.


1. The purpose of the campaign: the status of the market and the purpose of activities to elaborate. What is the market situation? What is the purpose of carrying out this activity? Is it dealing with inventory? Is to increase sales? Is against competitors? Is the new listing? Or to enhance brand awareness and reputation? Only purpose clear, in order to make the activities targeted.


2. Activity object: the activity is aimed at the target market for each individual or a specific group? What is the range of activity control? Who is the main goal of promotion? Who is the secondary goal of promotion? The correctness of these choices will directly affect the final effect of the promotion.


3. Activity theme: In this section, the main problem is to solve two:

1, to determine the theme of the event

2, packaging activities theme

Pic (1)

4. Activities: This section focuses on the specific ways in which activities are carried out. There are two issues to consider:

1, to determine the partner: pull the government to do backing, or hang the media “sheep’s head” to sell their own “dog” Is the manufacturer acting alone, or with the dealer? Or with other manufacturers joint promotion? And government or media cooperation, help to take advantage and rally; and distributors or other manufacturers can be integrated resources, reduce costs and risks.

2, to determine the degree of stimulation: To make the success of the promotion, we must make the event is stimulating, can stimulate the target audience. The higher the degree of stimulation, the greater the response to sales. But this stimulus also has a marginal effect. It must be analysed and summarised according to the practice of promotion, combined with the objective market environment to determine the appropriate degree of stimulation and the corresponding cost of investment.


5. The activities of time and place: promotional activities of the time and place to choose a good job will be more effective, an improper choice will be thankless. In time as far as possible so that consumers have free to participate in the location also let consumers convenient, but also in advance with the urban management, business and other departments to communicate well. Not only the timing and location of the promotion campaign are very important, how long the effect will last have to be in-depth analysis. Duration is too short will lead to this time can not be repeated purchase, many of the benefits should not be achieved; duration is too long, it will cause the cost is too high and the market shape is not heated, and reduce the customer’s worth.


6. The ad with the way: a successful promotional activity, the need for a full range of advertising with. What kind of advertising ideas and expressions? Choose what kind of media speculation? This means that different audience arrival rates and cost inputs.


7. Pre-preparation: pre-prepared in three,

1, staff arrangements

2, material preparation

3, the test program


8. Medium-term operation: medium-term operation is mainly active discipline and field control.


9. The late continuation: the late continuation is mainly the issue of media publicity, the activities will be taken in what way in which media follow-up publicity?


10. Cost budget: there is no interest there is no meaning. The cost of inputs and outputs for promotional activities should be budgeted.


11. Accident prevention: each event is likely to be some accidents. Such as government intervention, consumer complaints, and even weather changes lead to outdoor promotional activities can not continue and so on. The necessary human, material and financial resources must be prepared for all possible contingencies.


12.The effect of the forecast: to predict the event will achieve what kind of effect, in order to facilitate the activities after the end of the actual situation compared to the degree of stimulation, promotional time, promotional media and other aspects of the success point and failure points.



To meet the consumer’s age, identity, occupation, the value of income needs;

Reflect the product characteristics and brand positioning;

Combined with product features and to bring the user’s meaning, to have a certain practical value, so that users can use the process of promotional gifts to enhance the brand awareness, and then tap the potential purchase capacity;

Can be in the terminal to buy the site to attract the attention of the relevant customer base, so the product packaging and novelty are the objects of its consideration;

Pay attention to the focus of customer competition marketing intentions and sales of competitors in the field of promotional activities.

Eco-friendly bags: The latest trend for fashion lovers

The trend of eco friendly bags is increasing everywhere these days and people increasingly opting for it. These bags help people make style statement as they looks simple yet attractive and the most important thing about these bags is that they are available at affordable range. Eco friendly bags or the reusable shopping bags are commonly preferred among the people due to their high sustainability and durability. These bags are made from the bio degradable materials like canvas, cotton or other recyclable fabrics which are water proof, convenient to carry, environmentally friendly, easy to store light or heavy stuff and have lots more features.


There are lots of environmentally friendly bags available like Insulated Bags which consists of triple layer with heavy duty zipper. The outside layer is of this bag is made up of non woven polypropylene to provide excellent strength and durability, and the inside layer consist of foam and aluminum which helps to maintain the temperature of food and beverages for hours. The insulated bags are available in various sizes and colorful designs which look impressive and elegant.

You can also go for Polypropylene Bags which are made from high quality polypropylene recycled materials. These bags consist of an extra layer of film coated material for the customers that require high quality digital printing. These bags are available in both woven and non-woven polypropylene materials. These high fabric materials give proper strength to the bags so that they can carry more weight.
If you want to get the best quality bags which are eco-friendly as well as attractive then there are many bag suppliers available supplying top quality Eco-Friendly Bags at the best price. These bags are available in different types of colors, designs and sizes so that you can get the best one according to your requirement. These suppliers are dedicated towards both environment and customers, and that is why they manufacture bags by using high quality recycled material that will not cause any damage to environment and to their customers.
If you want to get the eco-friendly bags then no need to go anywhere, just visit the internet to find out the leading bags supplier that provide you a variety of eco-friendly bags that are attractive and affordable.

Four Strategies To Help You Choose Promotional Gifts

The promotional gift is a carrier of emotional expression between enterprises and consumers. In order to build a bridge between consumers, enterprises will invest more energy in the promotion of the purchase and use of gifts. Compared to the high price of advertising media, and even keep up the trend, promotional gifts low cost, good effect, quick effect, promotional effect and easy to calculate, is one of the most cost-effective promotional measures. Increasing demand for advertising promotional gifts has become an inevitable trend.


Affect a large number of consumers. In today’s numerous advertising campaigns, promotional gifts play an increasingly important role. Although the majority of consumers are fond of promotional gifts, but really achieve the desired promotional effect, it is not easy for business owners. The four strategy is the use of promotional gifts success factors:


First, correlation


The selection of promotional items and terms must be closely related to the promotion of products or services. Also, send calendars, pictures can be used local scenery or the city star photos: if giving preferential products to new customers, can choose local products of household products. Such promotional items help to strengthen the company’s positioning and image in the minds of consumers.


Second, repeatability


Only by allowing consumers to constantly see promotional items and the words contained in the ads, in order to deepen the impression. Therefore, the choice of promotional items should take into account how consumers will use them. The higher the frequency of use or contact, the greater the repetition. For example,the non-woven shopping bag.


Third, profitable


As a result of promotional items or free or cheap to sell, the customer will always feel a reward. But as for customer characteristics selected the most suitable products, so customers can strengthen the sense of benefit. In this sense, the benefits given to housewives should be different from those given to the buyer.




The functional enterprises in the selection of promotional gifts can not be the blind pursuit of high-grade or beautiful but also targeted, but also to highlight the functionality of the gift. For example, if the face is ordinary people, it is necessary to highlight the practicality, so that customers can really feel the additional benefits, or can bring more practical use so that customers will be more attractive.


In short, logo imprinted promotional products has become an important part of today’s advertising public relations campaign. Now many enterprises have begun to attach great importance to the role of promotional gifts. For business owners, the problem is not only whether or not to use, but also how to use promotional items in order to achieve the multiplier effect.

Non-woven Shopping Bags Wholesale–An Eco-Friendly And Cost-Effective Choice

Consider you don’t need to go for promotional items wholesale only because you are not a retailer? Well,  getting cheap promotional items in bulk involve such great advantage and benefits that you might want to think about your decision once again. It is a great idea to make non-woven shopping bags part of your promotional gifts’ list.


Getting non-woven shopping bags in bulk is a lucrative option even if a company chooses to use them as promotional item. You will notice that these reusable shopping bags’ per unit pricing is much lower than that of various other promotional items. It is an interesting and profitable strategy to offer your consumers an item that they may be able to utilize for several years. Also, you, as a retailer, may play a proactive role to support your natural surroundings.


Yes, you need non-woven shopping bags to carry your items from one place to another without causing any damage to your surroundings. This doesn’t mean that these beneficial sacks have to be boring, plain, or unexciting. Why not use these personalized shopping bags to portray your creativity? It is pretty easy to add a little sophistication in your giveaways using a variety of artistic shopping bags.

Analysis of the Advantages of Compressed Towel



Outing picnic, inconvenient with a towel how to do? This time the best choice is a compressed towel. But what are the advantages of compressed towel in general?


1, easy to carry

As the product is easy to carry, small and exquisite, novel and chic, clean health, disease prevention and a wide variety of advantages, it will become people travel, business essential good things.In high-grade hotels, sauna massage, public baths, hospitals and other places, compressed towels can remove people’s concerns about the hygiene aspects of towels.


2, as a gift

Compressed towels can also be presented as a small gift, the product printed on the unit address, business scope, scenic spots, etc. can be used as a nice, novel and unique souvenirs. It applies to hotels, hotels, airlines, insurance companies, transport departments, enterprises and the use of tourism companies. Even as a factory labor insurance supplies.


3, novel products

Compressed towel as easy to carry, easy to remember, simple to release, the advantages of new products will be better than ordinary towels. In people’s daily life, the compressed towel also has broad prospects for development, compressed towel can be designed into a variety of shapes and patterns, unconventional, bound to arouse people’s curiosity, causing people to buy desire.


4, safety and health

In fact, the emergence of compressed towels, a greater degree of convenience to our lives. Of course, to remind you, not only depends on the purchase price of compressed towels, but also pay attention to the quality of judgment.


Brief Introduction of Non – woven Shopping Bags and Analysis of Market



Non-woven bags as raw materials, non-woven fabrics is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, with moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, not combustion, easy decomposition, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors, Reuse and other characteristics. The use of a long time, reusable, healthy and environmentally friendly, it can be called life essential goods, commercial new products, industrial environmental goods.

Non-woven bag is a kind of green product, tough and durable, good-looking, breathable, reusable, washable, silk screen advertising, mark, long use period, suitable for any company, any industry as advertising.At the same time during shopping,Consumers get a fine non-woven bags together with other goods from Retailers, and businesses to get the invisible advertising, it make the best of both worlds, so non-woven bags in the market more and more popular.It has the following four advantages:

First, non-woven bag more economic effect:

Starting from the plastic limit release, plastic bags will begin to gradually withdraw from the packaging market, replaced by non-woven shopping bags can be reused. Non-woven bags than plastic bags in terms of easier to print patterns, more vivid color expression. In addition,Non-woven shopping bags can be added to more beautiful than the plastic bag pattern and advertising, and because the non-woven bags can be used repeatedly lower loss rate than plastic bags, resulting in non-woven shopping bags but more cost savings, and bring more obvious Of advertising effectiveness.

Second, Non-woven bag more firmness:

The traditional plastic bag shopping bags, in order to save costs to use thin material, and easy to break.But if in order to make it stronger, it is necessary to bind more cost.The emergence of non-woven shopping bags can solve all the problems, non-woven shopping bags, toughness, not easy to wear.There are a lot of non-woven shopping bags covered with film, but also has a solid, the more waterproof, feel good, and with more beautiful shape.Although the cost of a single plastic bag a bit up than original, but its service life can reach a hundred of plastic shopping bags, or even thousands or million of plastic bags .


Third, non-woven bag have more promotional advertising effect:

A beautiful non-woven shopping bags, not just just a commodity bag.Its beautiful appearance is more attractive, can be transformed into a stylish simple shoulder bag, a beautiful landscape in the addition to,its characteristics,which is more firmness,Waterproof, non-stick hand,will become the first choice for customers when he need go out.In such a non-woven shopping bag, you can print your company’s logo or advertising,Its advertising effect is self-evident, the real small investment into a big return.

Fourth, non-woven bag more environmentally friendly public value:

Plastic limit issued, is to solve the problem of environmental protection.Non-woven bags can be repeated use, it can greatly reducing the pressure of garbage conversion.Coupled with the concept of environmental protection, more able to reflect the image of your business, and the People-friendly image.Thus bringing the potential value of more than money can be replaced.


Market analysis:

Today’s rapid economic development, people’s living standards are increasing, environmental issues have become the focus of growing concern.The destruction of the soil, climate change and energy waste lead to serious greenhouse effect, industrial pollution caused by the presence of millions of chemical compounds in the air, soil, water, plants, animals and human body, crowded, water pollution , Poor sanitation, insecurity caused by the chaos of urbanization, as well as the most serious white pollution. And so many problems have seriously affected people’s lives, where we analyze the details of the current hot issues – white pollution.

In order to solve this problem the State Council issued a “plastic limit order,” the notice clearly states: “from June 1, 2008, the nationwide ban on the production, sale, use of less than 0.025 mm thick plastic shopping bags”; “Since June 1, 2008, in all supermarkets, shopping malls, markets and other commodity retail places to implement the system of paid use of plastic shopping bags are not free to provide plastic shopping bags.”


Since then, non-woven bags on the popular, it is not only low-priced and elegant design, but also called material eco-friendly non wonen bags, and will not bring environmental pollution, so it is a lot of green shopping choice. Its industry has great potential development.

Professional team offer the best promotional gift items for you

The professional team from keeup are stand beside you and aim at sourcing you the best promotional gift items and the best customer servise.we would like to help you find the right trade show giveaway promotional gifts.We offer a wide range of products, sourced from China ,at all price levels,and chosen for being useful, well priced, of good quality and suitable for being promote and advertising. To make full use of your advertising budget,our skill and expertise is the ability to place your crest, logo, message, drawing, picture or badge on the product of your choice, which will help promote your business, culture,servise etc. Promotional Gift Items sourcing from keeup with imprinted brand logo can be customized is the most practical and benifical ways for your business promotion.keeup devote himself in helping you to promote your business successfully.